This article overviews one of the SecuriSync backup policies - Folder Path Exclusions. Admin can select which folder should be synced on end-users machines and disable backup of certain folder paths. To exclude folder paths account-wide, log into HostPilot® Control Panel > Services > SecuriSync > Policies > Backup policy > Folder path exclusions.

It is recommended to exclude large and frequently changed files by adding folder paths into the exclusion list.

The list of the excluded file types is available in the article SecuriSync Backup Policy: Default File type exclusions.

Known issues

  • If a file has no version on the server, a user can click Save to SecuriSync button. If a user clicks on this button, a file will be saved locally.
  • If a file has a version on the server, it will save user's file locally. User will be able to preview previous versions from the server without any errors.
  • If Admin sets policy to exclude .notes, .numbers, .app and other MAC extensions, which are recognized as a folder, the policy would not be applied.
  • Excluded folders, which have been uploaded to SecuriSync server before the exception has been set up, will remain on the server and will be downloaded to a new desktop client. However, any changes in these folders won't be synced with the server any longer. If a user deletes an excluded folder via a desktop application, the folder won't be deleted from the cloud. It needs to be deleted it from web access