Yealink W52: Enhanced BYOP Instructions


*****  Any Yealink Devices trying to be BYOP'd MUST be using a Minimun Base Firmware of *****

- Intermedia Firmware is and is only avaiable when the phone uses our configuration URL.

Yealink W52: Enhanced BYOP Instructions - Intermedia Internal Knowledge Base

Below is the process to provision a Yealink W52 DECT system as an Enhanced BYOP for customer equiptment not provided by Intermedia

  1. Find out the IP address of the yealink W52's base
    1. From a registered handset, press "OK" center button >> "Status">> "Base">> "IP"
  2. From a laptop or desktop computer that is connected to the same subnet as the base unit, type the base unit's IP address in the address bar of any web browser

  3. Log into to Yealink's W52P using admin/admin as the username and password

  4. Verify if the base has a firmware version of or above from “Status” tab (“Status”>> “Version”>> “Firmware Version”). If not, upgrade the base unit using the attached firmware file via “Phone”>> “Upgrade”>> “Select and Upgrade Base Firmware” by clicking on the “Upgrade” button. 

  5. If your phone is from a previous provider you will need to Factory Reset it. Click "Phone">> "Upgrade">> Reset to Factory click "Reset Now"

    **** If the Yealink W52 is New or was not used with a previous provider, skip to step 6**
      1. *** If you had to reset the base, wait until the Web Page returns back to the Base login screen before continuing *

  6. Click on “Phone” tab>> “Auto Proivision”>> “Provisioning Server”, specify >> Click “Confirm” button at the bottom of the page. (URL Must match exactly and is case sensitive)

  7. Click on “Security” tab>> “Trusted Certificates”>> “Only Accept Trusted Certificates”, set the value to “Disabled” (This is so that we can use the built-in device certificate from Yealink W52P) >> Click “Confirm” button at the bottom of the page.

  8. After that, the base unit will reboot/restart itself automatically and it will contact Intermedia's provisioning server to get the customized configuration settings.  Be sure to place test calls inbound and outbound to verify functionality of the BYOP'd hardware.
  9.  If the handsets are originally from a previous provider, follow the following handset Reset process.
    1. From the Handset go into; Settings >> System Settings >> Handset Reset

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