If you already have a supported Cisco device that you would like to provision on Intermedia Unite, you can easily set up the device using the Enhanced BYOP method.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:


Add the device in HostPilot

  1. Login to HostPilot and navigate to Voice ServicesDevices > Setup your own device.
  2. Select the Brand and Model of your device.
  3. Enter MAC address. MAC address can be found on the back of the phone. 
  4. Assign a user and 911 address.
  5. Click Add device.

Factory reset your Cisco SPA phone 

Note: this step is applicable to all SPA phones

  1. Press the Settings button on the device (this button looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner).
  2. Navigate to Factory Reset and press Select.
  3. After restart, your phone will be in a factory default state.


Enter the provisioning URL 

  1. Plug in the phone power cord and network cable. The phone begins initializing and the lights on the phone will flash (this should take about 5 seconds to complete). While the phone is connecting, it automatically finds the local DHCP server and gets its IP address.
  2. Obtain the IP address of your phone:
    1. Press the Settings button (this button looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner).
    2. In the Setup menu, navigate to Network > Current IP.
  3. On your computer, open web browser and type the phone's IP address in the browser's address field. You will see the web interface of the phone.
  4. Click Admin Login > Advanced.

  5. Click the tab Provisioning and under Configuration Profile set:
    • Profile Rule: https://phoneprov.telecomsvc.com:2443/configServlet/Cisco/$(MA).cfg
    • Ensure Provision Enable is set to Yes
    • Ensure Resync on Reset is set to Yes
    • Set The Resync Delays and Resync Periodic to 30 to ensure the phone reprovisions after the soft reboot that occurs when saving this page.


  6. Click Submit All Changes at the bottom of the page. Your phone will restart automatically.
  7. After the phone restarts, Upgrading Firmware message will display on the screen of the phone. Give this process time to complete (do NOT unplug or disturb the hardware in any way) and it will reboot a second time when it’s completed. 
  8. Once rebooted you will see a small phone icon and line name on the phone display. You can also check the status on the Info tab on the web interface (for example, under Ext 1 Status, you will see Registered in the Registration State box).

    Note: if phone display shows X , it means the phone is not set up correctly or not connected to the server. Check that you have completed all the steps correctly, and if issue not resolved, contact Support.