Each user has a primary local phone number assigned that cannot be changed or deleted without deleting the user. It is also possible to assign additional local or toll free numbers to users.

To delete a non-primary phone number from a user, press  next to the number. The phone number will remain on your account in Unassigned status.

To delete a phone number from your account, unassign it from any object first, then go to Unite > Phone Numbers, select the checkbox(es) next to phone number(s) you wish to delete and press Delete.

Note: once the number is deleted, it may no longer possible to add it back to your account.
If you remove a user (disable Voice Services for a user):

  • Each of the user's phone numbers is unassigned and becomes available (if a number was assigned, and if you did not delete it).
  • Each of the user's devices is unassigned and becomes available.
  • The user is removed from any hunt groups.
  • The user is removed from any Auto Attendants that included this user for forwarding calls.