Calls are redirected to voice mail if they are not answered within specified timeout. If Find Me, Follow Me is set up for a phone, calls are redirected to the forwarding number after Find Me, Follow Me timeout, and then sent to voice mail after voice mail timeout (unless Forward to Extension. You can't turn off the voice mail system.

To change the voice mail or Find Me, Follow Me timeout using HostPilot:

  1. Navigate to Services > Voice Services > Manage Users.
  2. In the list of users, click the display name of the user you want to set this up for.
  3. On the Edit Selected User page, find the Timeout field. Change the value in this filed modify the voice mail timeout.
  4. To change the Find Me, Follow Me settings, click Setup next to Find Me, Follow Me.

When Hosted PBX service is enabled for a user, the voice mail PIN (four random digits) is generated automatically and sent to the user's primary email address. The user must enter this PIN when calling the voice mail number to check voice mail over the phone.

To change the PIN, email address and other settings for voice mail using HostPilot:

  1. Navigate to Services > Voice Services > Manage Users.
  2. In the list of users, click the display name of the user you want to set this up for.
  3. Switch to Voicemail tab.

The following settings are available:

  • Voicemail
    • Voicemail to email - email addresses to receive voice mails as email attachment
    • Greeting - choose the voicemail message that will play for this User. Upload a new greeting or play the default greeting. It is also possible to change the greeting by calling the voice mail system and choose the option for changing the personal greeting (see How Can I Check My Voice Mail? for more information)
      • Note: For phone numbers that are already assigned to users, but not yet to devices, you can call the DID/number and press the # key to get to the command mode.  Please consider that the new user/phone number may take 10 minutes or longer to activate.
    • Voicemail PIN - The PIN used to access this User's voicemail messages. You cannot view the current PIN, but you can reset it.
    • Autodelete user's voicemails after 90 days - automatically deletes voicemails that are older than 90 days.
    • Voicemail transcription - automatically converts voicemail to text using speech-to-text engine.
  • Notification - choose voicemail notification settings for this user.
    • Send notifications on email - enable/disable voicemail to email notifications
      • Include voicemail transcription - voicemail transcription will provide a written copy of your voicemail with the email containing your voicemail file
      • Include voicemail file - voice mail messages are also forwarded to the user's email address as attached sound files. The user must have headphones or speakers for listening to voice mail on the computer.
      • Delete voicemails on serverAutomatically delete the voicemail from the server when notified, thus keeping your voicemail box clean
    • Send SMS notifications - sends text notifications to cell phones
    • Mark voicemail as read after notification sent - all voicemails will be marked as read automatically, message waiting indicator on the phone will not show a new voicemail
  • Capacity
    • Size and Notification
      • A users voicemail box has a maximum capacity of 50 mb
      • Users will get notification once the mailbox reaches 80% capacity
      • There is no overwrite mechanism for the voicemail box so new voicemails will not be stored. However they will still be sent to the user via email.