In this article we will cover the following topics:

Basic overview

To view the list of existing numbers on your account:

Navigate to Services > Voice Services > Phone Numbers tab.This page shows all assigned and unassigned numbers on your account. 


Each User and Auto-Attendant always have one Primary phone number assigned. The primary number has a label P to the left from it. 

Each User and Auto-Attendant can also have an Additional phone number assigned. That number will have label A shown.  


You can search the number by username or a part of a number, sort the number list by Phone number column and apply the desired filter on the list. 

Adding new or deleting unnecessary phone numbers

You can always add new phone numbers by navigating to Voice Services > Phone Numbers tab. $ Voice Services > General > Manage User link at the top.

  • Click on the User's Name that you wish to edit.
  • Click the Hosted PBX tab.
  • To assign a primary number for a new user, click Assign phone number button, choose the desired number and click Assign button.

    Additional number can be assigned by clicking the Assign phone number button when the primary number is already assigned.

    To swap the primary number click on the current primary number, choose the desired available number and click Swap button.


    Manage numbers for Auto-Attendants

    To manage numbers for a specific Auto-Attendant:

    1. Navigate to Services >  Voice Services > Auto-Attendant.
    2. Click on the Auto Attendant's Name that you wish to edit.
    3. Click the Settings button in the top-right corner.

    The steps of assigning additional numbers and swapping the primary number are identical to steps described in Users paragraph.


    Manage numbers for Hunt Groups

    To assign numbers for Hunt Group:

    1. Navigate to Services >  Voice Services > Groups
    2. Click on the group's Name that you wish to edit.
    3. Click Assign phone number link.

    Note: Hunt Group could have multiple numbers assigned.

    Enabling 7-digit local dialing

    Local area code could be set in order to dial 7-digit phone numbers within that area code from any phone on the account. This setting is account wide. To enable 7-digit local dialing:

    1. Navigate to Services >  Voice Services > Phone numbers.
    2. Click on Setup local area code.

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