In this article we will cover:


Supported vs. Unsupported

  • Supported  / Enhanced BYOP - phone models that can be provisioned via Intermedia Provisioning server. You may also purchase phones directly from Intermedia or configure devices you may already have. The list of supported phones is below. 
  • Unsupported / Anyphone BYOP - devices that can be only provisioned by entering SIP credentials and configurations manually to the device.

Important: For the best experience, use devices identified as supported under the Enhanced BYOP feature.  A reasonable effort will be made to work with any SIP-enabled device within the confines of the AnyPhone BYOP feature, however, these devices have not been certified on the Intermedia Unite network and no guarantees are provided that all voice features will function correctly, or that the device will function at all.


Configure Supported Devices

Follow these instructions only if you plan to use your own device. Phones purchased from Intermedia will arrive already pre-configured; the following information only pertains to devices provisioned with the Enhanced BYOP method.

To activate an existing device and add it to your Voice Services account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Services > Voice Services > Devices.
  2. Click Setup your own device.

  3. Choose the Brand and Model of the device, and enter its MAC address.

  4. Assign a User and verify the Location is correct.
  5. Check to acknowledge the 911 Policy and limitations.

  6. Add the provisioning address to the phone. Detailed instructions for each supported model can be found in the following articles:



List of Supported Devices

List of Enhanced BYOP Supported devices


  1. Txx Series Phones
    • T42G / T42S
    • T46G / T46S
    • T48G / T48S

  2. WP Series Phones 
    • W52P
      • Handset is W52H
    • W60B
      • Handset is W56H


  1. Polycom Soundpoint IP Series
    • Polycom IP331/335
    • Polycom IP 550
    • Polycom IP 560
    • Polycom IP 650
    • Polycom IP 5000
    • Polycom IP 6000
    • Polycom IP 7000
  2. Polycom VVX Series
    • Polycom VVX 201 and 250
    • Polycom VVX 300/301/310 and 350
    • Polycom VVX 400/401/410 and 450
    • Polycom VVX 500/501
    • Polycom VVX 600/601


  1. SPA Series
    • Cisco SPA 303
    • Cisco SPA 504
    • Cisco SPA 525G2

Fax Adapters

Intermedia offers both the sale and support of one primary Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

  1. Cisco Fax Adapter: SPA 112



Configure Unsupported Devices

Unsupported devices can be provisioned manually by entering SIP credentials to the phone.

  1. Navigate to Voice ServicesDevicesSetup your own device.
  2.  For Brand and Model:
    • If you have a Yealink, Cisco or Polycom phone that isn't supported, select corresponding option from Brand field and select Other from Model field.
    • If you have phone brand not listed, select Other from Brand field.
  3. Assign a User and verify the Location is correct.
  4. Check to acknowledge the 911 Policy and limitations.
  5. Click Add device.

Now you can access the SIP credentials for this device:

  1. Navigate to Voice Services > Devices > click on newly created device >
  2. Click on the Line keys tab
  3. Click on key icon to the right of the button #1.  

Your SIP credentials are listed in the pop-up.

Note: you may create additional buttons for device by clicking on New button. Each button will have it's own credentials.



List of Unsupported Devices


  • Txx Series Phones
    • T2x
    • T3x
    • T5x 


  • Polycom Soundpoint IP Series
    • Polycom IP 450 
    • Polycom IP 670
  • Polycom VVX Series
    • Polycom VVX 1500
    • Polycom Treo
    • Polycom VVX D60
    • Polycom VVX150 Obi Edition
    • Polycom VVX250 OBi Edition
    • Polycom VVX350 OBi Edition
    • Polycome VVX450 OBi Edition


  • SPA Series
    • Cisco SPA 508 
    • Cisco SPA 514
    • Cisco SPA 518
  • CP Series
    • All CP devices
  • 79xx Series
    • All 79xx devices