Important: the features described in this article are available only as a part of the Email Protection package. See details on how to change your package here.

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is designed to make it difficult for criminals to steal the identities of legitimate organizations.  This authentication technology allows senders to sign a message on the backend to prove it really did come from them. Once DKIM signing has been enabled for a domain, all outbound email messages from that domain will be signed using the current DKIM key. 

Enabling DKIM

To enable DKIM:

  1. Go to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Email Protection > Settings > DKIM.
  2. Choose the domain you would like to configure DKIM for and click Configure > Generate keys.
  3. You can now see the values for creating a new TXT record for your domain. Contact your DNS provider to add a new TXT record.

Important: update the TXT record before clicking Enable digital signing, otherwise it might result in non-delivery of messages to the recipient depending on the recipient's mail filter configuration.

Here is what this TXT record should look like:

Host Name:



  • Each DNS hosting provider has their own rules on the configuring DNS in their control panels, you might want to read their documentation on the subject or contact their Support prior to any changes implementation.
  • If Intermedia hosts DNS records for the domain, the corresponding TXT record will be created or removed automatically.

Once the TXT record is updated, go back to HostPilot > Services > Email Protection > Settings > DKIM > Enable digital signing.

Disabling DKIM

To disable DKIM select the domain for which the DKIM is enabled and in the new menu, click Disable digital signing:


Important: remove the TXT record after clicking Disable digital signing.

Generating new DKIM key

To create a new DKIM key:

  1. Go to HostPilot > Services > Email Protection > Settings > DKIM.
  2. Check settings for the domain with enabled DKIM.
  3. Click Generate new keys
  4. Click Switch to key

Important: update the TXT record simultaneously with adding a new DKIM key or create the second TXT record with a new DKIM key before clicking Switch to key, otherwise it might result in non-delivery of messages to the recipient depending on the recipient's mail filter configuration.

Note: To change the package of Email Protection (Upgrade or Downgrade) navigate to Services>Email Protection>Package Management. For additional information, refer to article Email Protection: Package Management.