This article describes how to set up CyberData Intercom to work with the Intermedia Unite.

The setup is split into two parts:

  1. Setup the device in HostPilot
  2. Configuring the Intercom

Device setup in HostPilot

In your HostPilot navigate to Intermedia Unite, then Devices tab on the left-side menu, then click on Setup your own device.

Choose Other Brand from the first drop-down menu, specify Brand and Model. Then select user from the drop-down and check the 911 address prefilled.
Check that you have read and understood the 911 Policy and limitations.

Once added, you will see the device showing in the Devices. Click the device name to access your device information.

After clicking the device name you will arrive on the General tab containing your device information.

For Paging, click the checkbox that will allow this device to participate in paging groups, if the Intercom will need to be assigned to a pager group.
For Emulation select Generic Paging Device - this will adjust the PBX to use specific compatibility options for this type of device.

Click on Get credentials to see SIP information for the device configuration.

Now that you have your SIP credentials you can provision your CyberData Intercom device.

Configuring the Intercom

  1. Plug in the network cable into the intercom. While the device is initializing, it automatically finds the local DHCP server and gets its IP address.
  2. To obtain the IP address of your intercom, you can find it in your router/modem interface. The MAC address will show up associated with an IP address.
  3. On your computer, open a web browser and type the loudspeaker IP address in the browser's address bar. In the login box, enter the admin credentials for the phone (default username: admin, password: admin). You will see the web interface for configuring the loudspeaker.
  4. Click SIP Config on the menu and enter the following settings for SIP Configuration:
    • In the SIP Server box, type the loudspeaker PBX Server (e.g.
    • Under SIP Settings, in both the SIP User ID and Authenticate ID boxes, type the Login.
    • In the Authenticate Password box, type the loudspeaker Password.
    • Click Save, then click Reboot