You can view or change your phone settings in My Services, depending on your permissions. For settings that you do not have permission to change, please contact your technical administrator.

Log in to My Services and open the Voice Services section.

On the Management area, you may be able to view (or change some of) the following settings:

  • Voice mail & PIN:
    • Voice mail PIN: 4-digit number for accessing your voicemail over the phone (the current number is hidden, but the original PIN was sent to you by email). To change it, enter a new number in both boxes. You do not need to enter the old number.
    • Send Voicemail to: The email address where your voicemail messages are sent as attached sound files. To change the address, type the new address in the box.
    • Voice mail greeting: Listen to your current greeting, or Edit to upload a new greeting.

  • Find Me, Follow Me: If a call to your phone has not been answered after 15 seconds, it rings on the Find Me, Follow Me number. If the call is not answered on that number within 30 seconds, it is redirected to voicemail. To turn this feature on, select the checkbox, then type the number in the box that you want to forward your calls to (make sure to type the full number with area code, like in the example shown under the box). To stop forwarding calls, clear the checkbox.

  • Phones: The phone name, ID, and password that are entered in the device configuration for your office telephone.
    Note: Each device has to be registered with the PBX using a unique Device ID. If you would like to use multiple devices (e.g. multiple phones, softphone clients, etc), the administrator will need to generate additional device IDs in the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.

  • Hunt Groups The phone name, ID, and password that have to be entered in your cell phone or wireless device in order to use it as a second phone. 

  • Outbound Caller ID

  • Call Recording

  • Call History

If you have edited any settings, click Save Changes before leaving the page.