In HostPilot, the account owner or technical administrator can view all the active calls and the calls made from or to the phones registered to your Voice Services account for the last three months. The call history list shows the date, time, and duration of each call, along with the caller and recipient (phone numbers, or extensions and names, if known). You can sort and filter the list to get reports or to find specific information.
Note: You can set the Time Zone for the call history list in the HostPilot > Services > Unite > Call Report > Time Zone dropdown.

 In My Services, users can view their personal call history for the last two months. Users can sort calls by type: Incoming, Outgoing, or Missed Calls. They can also filter the list by date, name, phone number, or extension. 


Active Calls

You can see, in real time, the employees and phone extensions in use via the HostPilot.  You can also see the real time active call durations.
There are two ways you can get to the Active Calls report:

  • Navigate to Services > Unite > General tab and click on Active Calls:

  • Navigate to Services > Unite > Call Report tab and click on Active Calls:

You will be able to see, in real time, the list of calls in progress.

Call History

There are two ways to get to Call History in HostPilot. To view call history for all extensions and phone numbers:


  • Navigate to Services > Unite and open the Call Report tab.

You can adjust the view settings when looking for specific calls:

  • To sort by a column (Date, From, To, Duration), click the column heading.
  • To view all calls within a range of dates, click the calendar buttons next to the start and end dates and select a date on each calendar.
  • To filter the list, type a name or number in the search box and click Apply. For example, you can use this to view all calls for a user name or a certain extension. Note that the results shown are still restricted by the calendar selections.
  • To remove a filter and view all calls again, click Clear Filter. This does not change your sorting options or calendar selections.

To make a report that you can save or print, follow these steps:

  1. Use the filters to show the results that you want to save.
  2. Click Export to CSV.
  3. Save the file on your computer.
    You will have a text file containing call history data. You can then import the CSV file to a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel, or to another data management format.

Note that CSV export is not available for your end-users who are viewing call history in My Services.