Paging groups are used to send pages to specific members. Pages are a non-interactive phone call used to announce a message to a group of members, such as a call holding or that a specific member's presence is required.

Note: cordless phones do not support paging.

Creating a New Group

  1. First open HostPilot > Services > SIP-T & PBX 2.0.
  2. Click on the Groups section on the lefthand sidebar.
  3. The Groups section will open, and display all current Groups of all types. Your Hosted PBX service automatically comes with one paging group pre-configured, named "All Page", which includes all of your devices. The All Page group number, or extension, is 9100.
  4. To create a group, click on the Create New Group button.
  5. The New Group page will open. Select the Paging Group radio button and provide a Group Name. When finished, click the Create Group button.
  6. Once the paging group has been created, you may now choose which phones and devices you wish to include in the group. Use the drop down menu to choose those devices, and click the Add button for each device.
  7. Each device automatically saves within the paging group when added. Once finished adding devices to your paging group, the group is ready to use.
  8. Take note of your new group’s Group Number. This may be found on the group’s General tab. This Group Number is the 4-digit number you must dial from your phones to send a page to the devices in this page group.