Paging groups are used to send pages to specific members assigned. Pages are a non-interactive, one-direction, phone call used to announce a message to a group of members, such as a call holding or that a specific member's presence is required.
When a paging group is dialed, the call is answered at all member devices and the originating pager is able to announce their message.

Members are assigned to Paging Groups, to dictate which devices will ring; only Devices with assigned Users or a Resource can be assigned as a member of a paging group.

Important: not all devices support Paging functionality. Cordless phones (such as Yealink W52/W56) do not support paging. Read the  Owner's Manuals   for more information.

 To set up a Paging Group, you need to:

  1. Create the Paging Group
  2. Add members to the Paging Group.

Paging groups can also be used as an Intercom.

To create a Paging Group:

  1. Navigate to Services > Unite > Groups.
  2. Click the Create group button.
  3. Select Paging Group and click Proceed.


       4. Enter the Paging Group settings:

    • Paging Group Name: Choose a meaningful name for the group, for example, Sales or Customer Service.
    • Extension: Type 3-6 digit extension that is not assigned to a user or any other service.

create new

Now you will see the new Paging Group name listed on the Groups tab, and you can open it for editing.

You can manage a few additional parameters of the Paging Group that you have created.

On the General Tab you can:

  • Edit the name of the paging group
  • Modify the extension number
  • Add a note for description of the Group (this is purely for quick identification to Admins that log into HostPilot

Adding new members

Access the Members Tab in order to add agents to the paging group:

  • Click on Add new member > Select from the list or use the Search field, then click the Add button. They are added to the list of agents at the bottom of the page.
  • To enter the names, you can type full display names or email addresses and click the Check icon.

add member

Note: The limit for a Paging Group is 100 members. All members of this group will receive any pages sent to the extension number of the paging group.

Important: Paging Group will work on a device only if it is a member of this group and has Participate in paging groups​ box checked. To make sure this feature is enabled navigate to HostPilot > Services >  Voice Services > Devices > Click the name of the device > General > make sure the box Participate in paging groups is checked.​


Using a Paging Group as an Intercom

While not a true Intercom feature, a member of a paging group can answer a page as a two-way interactive call by using the dial code *80.

While this can be used by any member of a paging group, once the dial code is used, the page is converted into a two-way phone call between the originating pager and dial code user.


  • Phone A dials Paging Group extension 610.
  • Phone B, C, D, E, receives a page.
  • Phone C dials *80 while on the page.
  • Phone A & C are connected in a two-way conversation; Phone B, D, E are disconnected from the page.

For more information, read the Knowledge Base article: