Intermedia is performing mandatory upgrade from Advanced Email Security to Email Protection.

What is Email Protection?

Email Protection is a proprietary advanced email security service designed to provide outstanding levels of protection against malware, spam, targeted and emerging email threats.

Why are you upgrading my account to Email Protection?

Email Protection solution helps ensure your organization is protected from advanced and emerging email threats by using enhanced levels of email protection including email quarantine, improved spam filtering and message tracking.

I received a notice that my account will be upgraded to Email Protection - what do I need to do?

Nothing. We will auto-upgrade your account on the day specified in the notice email. You will get a confirmation of the upgrade once it’s completed.

Will my mail flow be interrupted during this upgrade?

No, your email services will not be interrupted.

Will I be charged for the upgrade?

No. The price for the Email Protection will be exactly the same as for Advanced Email Security. No additional charges will be taken for the upgrade.

How does the new Email Protection compare to Advanced Email Security?

Depending on your subscription plan, you will now have access to many additional email security features that were not previously available such as:

How will my current settings be migrated?

Advanced Email Security Email Protection
Spam sensitivity levels

AES spam sensitivity levels

Default spam settings will be applied for:
  • Certain Spam - Admin Quarantine
  • Probable Spam - Junk Email folder
  • Marketing emails - Inbox

Customers can update those actions after the upgrade. User Quarantine option is also available.

EP spam settings

Company Safe & Blocked Sender lists

AES company safe & blocked senders

Company Safe & Blocked Sender lists will be migrated to Email Protection.

There are no limits for Safe & Blocked Senders. IP ranges and wildcards can also be added.

EP company safe & blocked senders

Personal Safe & Blocked Sender lists Personal Safe & Blocked Sender lists will continue to function as they do now.
Accept messages with dangerous attachment setting:
  • Safe Senders only
  • Everyone
  • Disabled

AES attachments

Will be migrated accordingly:

  • If the Safe Sender only option is selected – emails from safe-senders will bypass the dangerous attachment scan. Emails from other senders will be processed according to the policy’s Dangerous Attachments settings.
  • If the Everyone option is selected – all attachments will be considered safe and will be delivered as usual.
  • If this option was disabled – all emails will go through the dangerous attachments scan and will be processed according to the policy’s Dangerous Attachments settings.


  • on the Email Protection Lite package, a default list of dangerous attachments is applied. Executables, scripts, shortcuts and Microsoft access files are now also considered as dangerous. Emails with those attachments will be delivered to Admin Quarantine by default where an account administrator can release them if needed. Read the Knowledge Base article on Email Protection: List Of Dangerous Attachments for the full list of dangerous attachments.
  • on the Email Protection full package customers may configure which attachments types are considered dangerous and specify the action to apply for emails containing dangerous attachments:
    • Deliver email without attachment
    • Move to Admin Quarantine
    • Drop

EP attachments

Note: the features, options and settings available to you are subject to your subscription plan.

Will I start receiving Quarantine notifications?

Quarantine reports and notifications are only sent when using the User quarantine message routing option. After the upgrade, the routing option will be set to the Junk Email folder by default, although you may enable the User quarantine at any time. Read the Knowledge Base article on Email Protection: Message Routing for more information.

What will I need to do after the upgrade?

We encourage all customers to log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel, navigate to Services > Email Protection and verify the settings:

Services > Email Protection

Can I opt out of this upgrade?

No. Ultimately, all customers will be upgraded and the legacy service will be disabled.

How is email filtered on Email Protection?

Email Protection uses a combination of complementary technologies and multiple email security engines to provide protection against known and emerging email threats.

Email Protection performs the following checks on all messages:

  • Sender IP reputation
  • Sender domain reputation
  • Valid recipient
  • Spam - signature reputation
  • Spam - heuristics
  • SPF / DKIM validation
  • Sender DNS validation
  • Safe and blocked sender validation
  • Bulk message detection – IP reputation
  • Bulk message detection - heuristics
  • Impersonation and phishing detection
  • Dangerous attachment handling
  • Web links analysis
  • Attachment reputation
  • Attachment signature
  • Attachment heuristics

Messages are assessed and categorized according to the collective results of all checks and are routed according to policy configuration.