Intermedia is releasing a new version of the Intermedia Softphone to the Google Play Store.  The Intermedia softphone is an easy to use VoIP-based softphone for use on your mobile device.  Place calls over the Internet via your Intermedia Cloud PBX service instead of using your mobile device’s minutes.  Intermedia’s softphone integrates fully with Cloud PBX, allowing you full PBX functionality with the convenience of your mobile device.

What’s in this new Android softphone update?

The update primarily features:

  • Support for the latest Android devices
  • Support for more screen resolutions
  • Continued product support and evolution

How do I get the update?

If your Android device is set to automatically receive application updates, your device should download and install the update soon after the new version is posted to the Play Store. 

Please note: if your Android device has automatic application updates disabled, you will need to manually update your Intermedia Softphone app.  To do this:

  1. Load the Play Store app on your Android device
  2. Search for “Intermedia Softphone” and select the app
  3. Click the Install button

For users that do not currently have the app installed, it can download the Intermedia Softphone from the Google Play store.

Why should I update?

The new Android version of the Intermedia Softphone has been rewritten from the ground up.  Because of this, there are technology differences between the old and new versions.  More specifically, once the new version is placed in the Play Store, a feature called “Push Notification” will stop working in the old version of the softphone.

What is Push Notification?

One of the fundamental mechanisms that make Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems work is a feature called “Registration”.  Registration is a feature that tells your service provider where you are located on the internet, so they can route your phone calls to you.  When the Intermedia Softphone is actively running on your Android device, the softphone is registering with Intermedia’s network, and we can send your calls to you.

When the softphone is not actively running on your Android device, Intermedia has no direct way to route your phone calls to you.  In these times, an additional, passive service is required to allow Intermedia to know how to route your phone calls.  Push Notification is a technology that provides this functionality and is utilized by the Intermedia Softphone.

What happens if I don’t update the app?

The Intermedia Softphone will continue working, and will continue to receive inbound phone calls, but only when it is actively running on your Android device.  Should the softphone begin running in the background of your device, inbound phone calls will no longer ring on your device.  For best working results, the app should be updated as soon as one is available.