If you have purchased a Yealink W52P & W60B base units and W52H & W56H Cordless handsets through a previous provider or hardware reseller, you can easily provision the device to your Intermedia Unite service using BYOP Enhanced provisioning. This article covers the entire Enhanced BYOP provisioning process.

Important: the Yealink W52H handset is Not compatible with the Yealink W60B base.

Note: If this device was in use with a previous provider, it is extremely important that the W52P Base unit is reset to factory settings before you attempt to provision it. For help with this, see the Factory Reset Method instructions below

Accessing your W52P/W60B Base unit via the Yealink web user interface

Before you can perform any steps in this article, it is important you are able to access the Yealink web user interface from a PC or Mac.  Please follow these instructions to get logged in.

Plug the power cord and network cable in. The base begins initializing and the lights on the base unit will flash (this should take about 5 seconds to complete). While the base is booting, it automatically finds the local DHCP server from your network Router and gets an IP address.

Note: You must have a handset registered to the base unit to obtain the IP address with the following instruction.  If you have recently factory reset your base unit, you will not have a handset registered, please follow Register handset to base unit to register the initial handset to your base unit, then continue these steps to obtain the IP.

  1. Obtain the IP address of your base from the handset:
    • Press the OK button to access the menu.
    • Press the OK button on Status
    • Press the OK button on Base
    • The first entry on this page is IP: (e.g
  1. From a Laptop or PC that’s connected to the same subnet as the base unit, type the base unit’s IP address in the Address Bar of any web browser.
  1. Log in to the Yealink web user interface using default user name and password.
    • Login: admin
    • Password: admin

If you cannot log in using these credentials, then the base was not reset to factory settings. It is best to attempt to contact your previous service provider to obtain the password for your device.  If this is not possible, you may want to attempt to factory reset the base from the handset.

Note: If the device has been configured by ConfigServlet for use on Intermedia Unite services, the Username/Password can be found in your Unite  > Devices, click on your W52P device in the list, then click on Get credentials under Settings. 

Verifying Current Firmware

While it's not always necessary, upgrading the firmware can potentially correct various issues during the auto-provisioning process known as Enhanced BYOP.

Yealink devices acquired from third-party sellers often have random or inconsistent firmware previously installed on the device, which means there is a chance the device's current firmware is too old to work flawlessly with the provisioning server.

If you find that you are unable to provision your device using the Enhanced BYOP, it may be beneficial to check the current firmware of the device and update it if necessary. Below is a list of known working firmware for each Yealink device.


Minimum Firmware Version Compatibility

Yealink W52P Base Unit

Yealink W52H

Yealink W60B Base Unit

Yealink W56H

If you find that your firmware needs to be updated, you can download the minimum firmware version listed above, directly from Yealink's support site: Yealink W52 Firmware 

Upgrade via Web User Interface

To upgrade the firmware manually via web user interface:

  1. Click on Settings >Upgrade.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Select the firmware from the local system.
  4. Click Upgrade.
    • A dialog box pops up to prompt Firmware of the SIP Phone will be updated. It will take 5 minutes to complete. Please don't power off!
  5. Click OK to confirm the upgrade.

Note: do not unplug the network and power cables when the base is upgrading firmware.
Do not close and refresh the browser when the base is upgrading firmware via web user interface. 

Setup your W52P/W60B Base unit

Activate Base in HostPilot

  1. Login to your HostPilot and navigate to  Unite  Devices > and click Setup your own device.
  2. Select the Brand and Model, Yealink and W52P or W60B respectively.
  3. Enter MAC address. MAC address can be found on the back of the base unit, or on the side of the box, it was shipped in.
  4. Click Setup device at the bottom of the page.

You will be returned to the Device list where you can see the new Yealink W52P/W60B Base unit is listed.

Next, you will configure the base unit to start the provisioning process. 

Enter the config URL into base unit

For the base unit to configure itself from the Intermedia Unite provisioning server. You must enter the Provisioning server URL using the device's web user interface. 

  1. Once you are logged into the Yealink web user interface, navigate to Phone > Auto Provision (or Upgrade on older FW).
  2. In the Provisioning Server field, copy and paste one of the URLs below:
    http://cfgphone.com (preferred)
  3. Click Confirm at the bottom of the page.
  4. After the page refreshes, navigate to Security > Trusted Certificates.
  5. Change the drop-down for Only Accept Trusted Certificate to Disabled, then click the Confirm button.

The base will boot to begin the provisioning process. Do not unplug the base unit from the power while any of the LED lights are blinking. The base may restart several times during this process and is finished when the Power and Network LEDs are solid green. (the handset LED is only lit once handsets are registering successfully to the base)

Once the base unit lights are solid green you can start adding handsets to your base unit configuration in HostPilot.    

Setup W52H/W56H Handsets 

Activate W52H/W56H handset(s) HostPilot

  1. On the Devices tab, Click Setup your own device.
  2. Select the Brand and Model, Yealink and W52H or W56H respectively.
  3. Enter Serial number of the handset. The serial number can be found on a sticker under the batteries on the back panel of the handset, or on the side of the box it was shipped in.
  4. Click Setup device at the bottom of the page.

You will be returned to your Device list where you can see the new Yealink W52H/W56H handset is listed.

Next, you will add this handset to the base unit in HostPilot. 

Add handset to base HostPilot

In order for your handset to work with the base unit, you will need to add the handset to the base unit configuration in HostPilot.

  1. On the Devices tab, click the base unit Device Name, to access the base configurations.
  2. Navigate to the Cordless phones tab and click Add cordless phone.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the available handset you wish to add to the base, then click Add cordless phone.
  4.  You will be returned to the Cordless phones tab and will see your handset added to the list. 

Assign User to handset HostPilot

Assigning a user to a handset allows the handset configuration to adopt information previously configured on the user.  The handset will gain the extension number and any direct dial numbers assigned to the user; this means the handset will ring any time the extension or DID recieves a call.

To assign a user:

  1. On the Devices tab, click the handsets Device Name, to access the handset configurations.
  2. On the General tab, click Assign user & edit 911 location.
  3. Add the user by selecting their name in the User drop-down field.
  4. Adjust the address information to match where the physical hardware will be located. (current hardware location will be used by default)
  5. Read the 911 Policies and limitations and click the checkbox to confirm you understand.
  6. Click the Assign user button to finish.

When the page refreshes, you will be returned to the General tab for the handset and will see User (ext number) under Assigned User.

Now that you have your handset added to the base and assigned a user, you should unplug the power to your base unit, wait 3 seconds, and plug it back in; this will force the base to reach out to the provisioning server and configure the line information for the handset(s). 

Register handset to base unit

Important: register handsets to the base in the same order they were configured to the W52P or W60B base configuration in HostPilot. 

The base organizes handsets by assigning them to Lines and each handset occupies a line between 1 and 5.  When you add a handset to the base and assign a User to the handset in HostPilot, the base keeps track of the handset by assigning that User to Line 1 for the first handset, Line 2 for the second handset, etc.

This means you must register handsets with the base unit in the same order they appear on the base's Cordless Phones tab in order to ensure the correct User is displayed on the correct handset.
It is good practice to mark your handsets by serial number (use the last 4 digits of each serial number of the handset) so you can properly register each handset in the correct order.

To register a handset to the base:

  1. Press and hold the button on the front of the W52P/W60B base unit (about 5 secs); the registration LED will slowly flash, indicating the base station is in the registration mode.
  2. Press the OK button on the handset to enter the main menu.
  3. Select Settings Registration > and press OK on Register Handset.
  4. Press OK on Base 1; the handset will search for the base registration signal.
    Note: If the Handset has trouble searching for the base, Power Cycle the Base and try again.
  5. Press the OK soft key when the LCD screen displays the RFPI code of the base station.
  6. Enter the system PIN (default: 9871 or 0000).
  7. Press the Done soft key.

The handset will play a warning tone and prompts Handset Subscribed, which indicates the handset is registered successfully. After successful registration, an internal handset number and handset name appear on the LCD screen. 

Factory Reset Methods

Web User Interface

If your device from a previous provider, or was provisioned to any previous VoIP provider, you will need to Factory Reset it.

While you are logged into the Web User interface:

  1. Navigate to Phone > Upgrade
  2. Next to Reset to Factory click Reset Now.

This will reset the base unit and after a few moments, it will return you to the login screen of the web user interface. 

Reset Base from a Handset

You can reset the base station to factory settings. This will clear all individual settings of the base station (e.g., directory and SIP account registrations) but will retain Handset registrations and the system PIN.

To reset the base station via the handset:

  1. Press the OK button to enter the main menu.
  2. Select Settings > System Settings > and press OK on Base Reset.
  3. Enter the system PIN (default: 9871 or 0000), and then press the Done soft key.

All individual settings of the base station will be reset to factory defaults. The power indicator LED and network status LED on the base station slow flash in sequence during the reset process. Indicator LEDs on the base station illuminate solid green after startup. 

Base unit manual reset

If you do not know the admin password or the PIN, you can manually reset the base with the following method:

  1. Unplug the base unit.
  2. Hold down the Connect button located on the front side of the device.
  3. Plug the base unit back in while keeping the Connect button pressed.
  4. Wait until all the 3 LED lights are solid green, then release the Connect button.
  5. Unplug the device once more, then plug it back in to reboot it.

All individual settings of the base station will be reset to factory defaults during the next boot. The power indicator LED and network status LED on the base station slow flash in sequence during the reset process. Indicator LEDs on the base station illuminate solid green when ready to configure.