When purchasing a Yealink W52P/W56B base unit and W52H Cordless handset(s) OR a Yealink W60B base unit and W56H Cordless handset, through HostPilot or directly from a sales representative, the devices will automatically appear on your Devices list.  Most of the provisioning process is plug and play, however, you still need to assign handsets to the base in HostPilot, assign users to handsets, and register the handsets to the base unit. 


Notable Limitations

  • The W52B can ONLY use the W52H handsets
    • The W52B is capable of 5 handsets, but can only use 4 simultaneously.
  • The W56B can use both the W52H and W56H handsets
    • As with the W52B, the W56B is capable of 5 handsets, but can only use 4 simultaneously.
  • The W60B can ONLY use the W56H handsets.
    • The W60 is capable of using 8 handsets and can use all 8 handsets simultaneously.
  • For comparison information, please click here.

There are no exceptions to this rule; both bases and handsets work on different firmware versions that are dependent on their respective devices. 


Setup your W52P/W56B or W60 Base unit

Powering up and provisioning.

The base unit you received has already been pre-programmed to search for the Intermedia Unite provisioning server, and your W52B/W56B or W60 base unit has already been created in your Devices table in HostPilot.  Provisioning will start immediately after the base unit is powered up and has detected an internet connection. 

  1. Find a good central location for the base unit to reside; you want to make sure that all handsets get equal coverage.
  2. Plug the base unit into your router.
  3. Plug the power adapter to the base unit, and plug it into a power outlet.

The base will boot to begin the provisioning process. Do not unplug the base unit from the power while any of the LED lights are blinking. The base may restart several times during this process, and is finished when the Power and Network LEDs are solid green. (the handset LED is only lit once handsets are registering successfully to the base)

Once the base unit lights are solid green you can start adding handsets to your base unit configuration in HostPilot.

Setup W52H/W56H Handsets

Add a handset to base in HostPilot

In order for your handset to work with the base unit, you will need to add the handset to the base unit configuration in HostPilot. It is also necessary to register the handsets to the base.

  1. On the Devices tab, click the base unit device name Yealink W52P or Yealink W56H, to access the base configurations.
  2. Navigate to the Cordless phones tab and click Add cordless phone.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the available handset you wish to add to the base, then click Add cordless phone.
  4.  You will be returned to the Cordless phones tab and will see your handset added to the list.

Assign User to handset in HostPilot

Assigning a user to a handset allows the handset configuration to adopt information previously configured on the user.  The handset will gain the extension number and any direct dial numbers assigned to the user; this means the handset will ring any time the extension or DID receives a call.

To assign a user:

  1. On the Devices tab, click the handsets Device Name, to access the handset configurations.
  2. On the General tab, click Assign user & edit 911 location.
  3. Add the user by selecting their name in the User drop-down field.
    Note: The user must be activated (with a phone number assigned) in order to assign them to a device.
  4. Adjust the address information to match where the physical hardware will be located. (current hardware location will be used by default)
  5. Read the 911 Policies and limitations and click the checkbox to confirm you understand.
  6. Click the Assign user button to finish.

When the page refreshes, you will be returned to the General tab for the handset and will see User (ext number) under Assigned User.


Now that you have your handset added to the base and assigned a user, you should unplug the power to your base unit, wait 3 seconds, and plug it back in; this will force the base to reach out to the provisioning server and configure the line information for the handset(s).


Register handset to the base unit

Note: for the handsets to works, it is extremely important that you register handsets to the base in the same order they were configured to the W52P/W56B or W60 base configuration in HostPilot. 

The base organizes handsets by assigning them to Lines and each handset occupies a line between 1 and 5.  When you add a handset to the base and assign a User to the handset in HostPilot, the base keeps track of the handset by assigning that User to Line 1 for the first handset, Line 2 for the second handset, etc.

This means you must register handsets with the base unit in the same order they appear on the base's Cordless Phones tab in order to ensure the correct User is displayed on the correct handset.
It is good practice to mark your handsets by serial number (use the last 4 digits of each serial number of the handset) so you can properly register each handset in the correct order.


To register a handset to the base:

  1. Press and hold the button on the front of the W52P/W56B or W60 base unit (about 5 secs); the registration LED will slowly flash, indicating the base station is in the registration mode
  2. Press the OK button on the handset to enter the main menu
  3. Go to Settings > Registration and press OK on Register Handset
  4. Press OK on Base 1; the handset will search for the base registration signal
    Note: If the Handset has trouble searching for the base, Power Cycle the Base and try again.
  5. Press the OK soft key when the LCD screen displays the RFPI code of the base station
  6. Enter the system PIN (default: 9871)
  7. Press the Done soft key.

The handset will play a warning tone and prompts Handset Subscribed, which indicates the handset is registered successfully. After successful registration, an internal handset number and handset name appear on the LCD screen.