With use of the Email Protection Security Dashboard you can retrieve an overview of security product activity across your account. This data can help identify gaps in your online security as well as strengthen your online safety.

To access the Security Dashboard, navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Email Protection > Email Management > Security Dashboard.

Accessing Security Dashboard

Security Dashboard provides the information about Email Volume Summary, Attachment Summary, Attachment Types, Email Initial Delivery Status

  • Email Volume Summary shows the information about total number of messages received and filtered according to Email Protection policies on the account
  • Attachment Summary shows the information about total number of attachments received and filtered accoring to Attachment policies. It also shows information about types and size of received attachments
  • Email Initial Delivery Status shows information of messages received and categorized by initial delivery status

If you see a message Gathering Trend Data in Security Dashboard, it means that not all of the data has been analayzed yet. Once more data is analyzed this message goes away and will be replaced with the trend data.

Note: Data in Security Dashboard has started aggregating since November 2017.