A Resource is treated as a type of virtual user; when created it can be assigned to any devices provisioned in the Device tab, as a User.  This allows the device to gain additional features from the Resource:

  • Direct dial number(s)
  • Configurable outbound caller ID
  • Find me follow me settings
  • Voicemail
  • Location of resource; carries over to E911 of device.

In this article we will cover the following topics:

Create new Resource account 

To create a new Resource account:

  1. Navigate to Unite > Resources & Utilities > click Create.
  2. Choose Resource and click Proceed.
    New resource
  3. Assign a Name, Extension, and Phone number.
  4. Choose your payment Plan.
  5. Set a Location where this Resource will be used.
  6. Click Create resource.
  7. Confirm charges for this operation on the next pop-up.


Edit settings / delete resource

To access your Resource general settings:

  1. Navigate to Unite > Resources & Utilities > click on the Resource name.
  2. You can change the following settings on the General tab
    1. Update the Name.
    2. Change the Extension.
    3. Change or Assign Phone Numbers.
    4. Update the payment Plan.
    5. Adjust the Call Timeout.
    6. Set up Find me, Follow me.
    7. Change the Location.
    8. Change the Time zone.

To delete a Resource:

  1. Navigate to Unite > Resources & Utilities.
  2. Check the Resource you wish to delete.
  3. Click Delete.