To see how to start a quick meeting on Webinar plans, read the Knowledge Base article on How To Start A Quick Meeting - Webinar Plans.

For Meeting plans, to start up a quick unscheduled meeting:

  1. Log in to your Intermedia AnyMeeting account and click the Start a meeting now button
  2. Enter the name of your meeting (optionally) and the email addresses of people you wish to invite. Multiple email addresses need to be separated by a comma. If there is a message you would like to convey to your attendees, enter it into the message box. Click Start Now:
    Start meeting

Alternatively, you may click on your Meeting URL to start a quick meeting:

Meeting URL

To start a previously scheduled meeting, find it in the list of your upcoming meetings and click Start this meeting:

Start scheduled meeting

Note: you may start a scheduled meeting up to 1 hour prior to the meeting time. The button will show as bright green and be clickable.