Here are some of the best ways to get people to attend your webinars:


Once you have scheduled your webinar click the webinar title to see all of your options including the Invite Attendees button.


You can choose from the drop down any past webinar you held in the last 90 days to re-use that list, or fill in new email addresses with copy/paste.

You'll notice the different fields, one for Attendees and one for Presenters. If you have Guest Presenters, invite them to join you under Presenters. Their email link will be exclusive to them and they will login automatically promoted to Presenter.


Note: if you used meeting reminders, this is the only way your attendees will receive them. If you do not use our Invitation area, no reminders will go out from our system to your attendees.

Promote your webinar through your Public Profile page

When you schedule your webinar, click the Promote tab and make your webinar public. Then on your Public Profile page attendees will be able to see your webinar schedule and register.

Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Show Your Webinars On Your Public Profile for more information.

Post on Social Media or use an external email vendor

You can copy your Webinar URL and paste to Social Media posts, add it to emails or post your Registration URL if you use a Registration form. These are provided on the details page for your scheduled Webinar under the Webinar Information tab:


Using Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Gmail, and/or Zapier for example.

You are welcome to copy your Audience Log-in URL and send it out in your own email client or use Zapier as a Pro Subscriber to automate this.