Recommended Requirements - Attendees:

  • Windows 7 and higher / Mac OSX 10.8 or Linux / Ubuntu
  • Chrome 49 or newer versions and the new Edge browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, older Edge versions, and Safari users must use our Desktop Application to host. You will be automatically prompted to install Desktop App on those browsers.)
    Important: as of 10/29/2020 we will no longer support the use of Internet Explorer on our service.
  • Broadband internet connection with an Upload and Download speed of 1 Mbps or more 


  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari users will be prompted to install Desktop Application.
  • Desktop Application is not supported on Windows 7 32-bit.
  • Screen Sharing is not supported on Linux. 

Mobile Devices

Download Intermedia AnyMeeting Video Conferencing App from your respective App Store

  • iPhone iOS version 11.0 or higher
  • iPad iOS version 11.0 or higher
  • Android OS version 6.0 or higher

Audio Requirements:

  • USB headset, webcam or integrated microphone
  • Telephone audio: cell phones, VOIP phone or landline

Note: use of a Wi-Fi connection may not provide the best audio experience as Wi-Fi may be less stable. It is recommended to use a hardwire connection or that you use telephone for best results on a Wi-Fi connection.

To join a meeting:

You may join or host a Meeting from your Windows or Mac Computer, Mobile Device,Tablet or Phone.

PC/Laptop Users

Click the link from the email invitation or copy/paste the link to the meeting into your Chrome or Edge web browser, and enter your name and email to log in. You will be asked to allow your microphone and webcam (on the browser) when you join. You can also choose to Dial in on the phone.

If you use Safari or Firefox web browser, you will be prompted to install our Desktop Application. It takes less than 2 minutes to download and install.

Mobile or Tablet Users

Install our mobile app.

iOS Users – Click here to Download

Android Users – Click here to Download

Once you install the mobile app, return to your meeting invitation on your device and click the link to join. The mobile app will open, and you will provide your name and email address to log in to the meeting.

On Computer

You will see the screen to confirm your audio and video devices with a webcam preview. Note that when you join the meeting, you are not on webcam. This is only a preview:


You may also choose Phone Audio if you wish to dial in to the meeting instead of using computer audio.

Dial By Phone Only

Open your meeting invitation to find dial-in conference number and PIN information. Dial the conference number and enter a PIN code followed by # to access a meeting.

Note: international dial-in option is available only for Intermedia AnyMeeting Pro plans. To dial in from the phone using the international number, the Attendee will need to access the meeting via other means and switch to telephone for audio at any time during the meeting. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia AnyMeeting: How To Switch To Telephone For Audio In Meeting - Attendees for more information.

Best Practices

  • Shut down any unnecessary applications that use your internet connection such as Outlook, instant messenger programs, etc. so your connectivity is dedicated to your meeting.
  • If possible, use a hard-wired connection for a more stable internet experience. If using WiFi, ask others using that same connection to hold off on any heavy downloading or streaming.
  • Mobile users: using WiFi is best. Cellular networks may be subject to traffic or interference.
  • Ensure a quiet environment, free from noisy distractions.

Troubleshooting joining a meeting

Q: What is the Meeting Code?

A: When you join a meeting, you will join from an email invitation.  That invitation has the URL or meeting code embedded in the Join Meeting Online button. Click that button in your email and it will join you to the meeting. The URL looks like this:  The 9 digits is the meeting code.

If your browser or the application did not automatically join you to your meeting, try again by clicking the Join Meeting Online button in the email again.

Q: The meeting says it is not Active.

A: If your host has not yet started the meeting, you will receive that message. Contact your host for meeting time updates.

Q: Where can I download the Application?

A: Your meeting invitation contains the link to manually download the application.  The words Intermedia AnyMeeting App is a hyperlink that takes you to this page:

Q: When I'm trying to log in, it just sits on looking for the Intermedia AnyMeeting App.

A: If this is the first installation on your PC and if it sits for more than a couple of minutes, try the following steps:

  1. Close your web browser.
  2. Check any anti-virus or firewall software to ensure it is not blocking the application.
  3. Make sure that any pop-up blockers are turned off.
  4. Open a new web browser (IE, Edge, Safari, Firefox) and try again 

Q: If I log in from a web browser it asks me to install the application again.

A: If you choose to log in from your web browser (IE, Edge, Safari, Firefox) instead of through the application, your web browser will try to locate the installed application and a pop-up message asking to run the application will appear.

Q: I got disconnected and when I try to join again, it tells me my email is already in use

A: If you were in the meeting prior and disconnected, your presence or persona may still be in the meeting. Wait 1-2 minutes before trying again. A slow connection can cause this, and you may want to make sure that you have an optimal internet connection.

Questions about content and attending

Q: I need the recording for the meeting, I missed it.

A: To obtain a recording of the event, contact your Host.

Q: I can’t make the meeting, can I reschedule?

A: To inquire about attending the meeting, contact your Host.

Q: How do I contact the Host?

A: Intermedia AnyMeeting is the hosting service your Host uses to hold meetings. We understand that sometimes you wish to contact the Host following a meeting.

To contact your Host, see your invitation email or registration email and click Reply on that email. Your Host's email address is hidden until you click Reply on that email to protect their privacy and from being auto-added to address books.