As an attendee, you may experience mic or speakers issue when either no-one can hear you or you can't hear anyone else respectively.

To solve webcam issues:

  1. Check that your webcam is plugged in correctly. Try an alternate USB port.
  2. Confirm in another program your webcam is working normally.
  3. Check in Audio & Video options that it is chosen as your webcam device in the drop down.


If you are unable to resolve the problem, restart your computer to refresh drivers of your devices.  Some devices may become "stuck" or held by another program.

To solve microphone issues:

  1. Unplug your microphone and plug it in again or plug it in to a different USB port.
  2. Check your microphone in your Operating system Sound tool to ensure it's recognized by the OS and is set to Default:
  3. Speak into the microphone. If no sound bars appear in the meter when you are checking this area, there is a problem with your microphone or USB port on your computer. Use an alternate microphone or use the telephone


Go to System Preferences and select Sound:



Click on the Speaker icon in tray:


Sound setting can also found under Control Panel > Sound:


To solve speakers issues:

  1. Unplug the speakers and plug them back if they are external.
  2. Check the speakers under Operating system Sound>Playback and make sure the Speakers are recongnized by OS and set up to Default.
  3. When you use a microphone on your desk, it picks up the sound from your speakers.  To reduce the amount of echo, all attending need to move the microphone and speakers as far apart as possible or turn your speakers down until just audible. ‚Äč


Go to System Preferences>Sound>Output

Note: Make sure the volume is not on minimum and speakers are not on Mute


Go to System>Sound>Playback and make sure the Speakers are recongnized by system and set up to Default.