The article describes where to download the new version of Outlook desktop client and how to install it. 

Important: In order to download the desktop Outlook clients, desktop licenses should be included in account billing plan.

Downloading Outlook from HostPilot

To download Outlook from HostPilot:

  1. Log in to HostPilot
  2. Navigate to Home > Downloads
  3. Select the necessary version of Outlook client and click Download.

Downloading Outlook from My Services

To download Outlook from HostPilot:

  1. Log in to My Services
  2. Navigate to Downloads & Instructions > Download Outlook
  3. Select the necessary version of Outlook client and click Download.

Note: Outlook clients are being downloaded in .ISO file format. If your PC is running Windows 7 or Windows 8, the .ISO file cannot be opened automatically, it should be extracted. Read Microsoft article on How to extract the contents from an .ISO file without burning the .ISO to disc. for more information.

Upgrading Outlook

As it is not possible to have several different Outlook desktop clients installed on single computer, old version of Outlook should be completely uninstalled and the new one installed.

To uninstall the old version of Outlook and install the new one, perform the following

  1. Make sure Outlook and other office apps are closed
  2. In Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features, right-click Outlook in the list and click Uninstall
  3. Open the downloaded .ISO file and proceed with installation of new Outlook desktop client.

Note: If old Outlook client was a part of office apps package, then office apps should be removed and re-installed after newer version of Outlook client is installed.

Important: After installation has been completed successfully it is possible to use Outlook client with current Outlook profile,however it is strongly recommended to re-configure the Outlook profile as well.

Refer the Knowledge Base article on Guide: How Do I Connect A Mail Client To My Mailbox?