Phone numbers that are in the process of porting to a Intermedia Unite service account, are able to be assigned to users or services prior to the port date.

Note: numbers are only visible in HostPilot, and able to be assigned, once the Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date has been received from your losing carrier. Prior to this confirmation, the numbers will not be seen when browsing your Phone Numbers tab.

Managing currently porting numbers

The Phone Numbers tab provides you a list with all available numbers on your account. 

The Hash # icon, visible next to a phone number, indicates a number that is currently in 'Porting' status and has limited functionality on HostPilot. The number will not accept phone calls from outside of the Intermedia Unite account; callers from other VoIP providers or PSTN landlines will continue to route to your losing service provider until the number officially ports.

When numbers are visible from the Phone Numbers tab, you are able to assign them to any User or Service that you create on your account. 

Important: these numbers should be assigned prior to the port date, as any numbers that are UNASSIGNED will not accept inbound calls.

Assigning a porting number to an Auto Attendant:

  1. Log in to HostPilot, navigate to Unite > Auto Attendants, and click an attendant name to enter the General Settings.

  2. Click Manage phone numbers

  3. Click Assign phone number
  4. Select the number currently in Porting status, and click Assign

The number is now assigned to your Auto Attendant and ready to receive calls, once it ports.

Note: if you would like to assign a ported number to a Conference Bridge, contact Support.

Additional help for assigning numbers:

You can view any of our HostPilot configuration articles for more information on how to assign numbers in Intermedia Unite: