Caller ID Spoofing - This is when someone else uses your phone number as their outbound caller ID. Ofthen times, when the recipient of the call tries to call the caller back, they call you instead. Caller ID Spoofing can occur when phones or devices on your network have been compromised and the attacker is using your information to call others, making it appear as though your phone is making the calls, as they are, literally, using your phone from your system.

Phones Connected to Public IP Addresses - This is described in detail here.


  1. Issue: Customer states they are recieving many calls from people stating they received a call from their number, but the customer has not placed any of these calls.

    Cause: Caller ID Spoofing, the customer's phone number has been used as an Outbound Caller ID or the network has been compromised in some way and the customer's phone system is being used to make these calls.

    Solution: Intermedia can determine if the calls originated from our servers. If they did not, the best way to stop these calls is to change your phone number. Once an attacker uses your phone number for these fraudulent calls there is no way to, proactively, stop them or to determine how long they will continue to use it. In both scenarios (whether the calls originated from Intermedia's network or not) we recommend that you take appropriate security actions, such as placing your phones behind a physical Firewall, and not exposing them directly to the Internet. Firewalls that we recommend can be found here.

  2. Issue: Customer states they are receiving calls every 2 to 3 minutes, however, the caller ID displays a bunch of random numbers (not a real phone number).

    Cause: In most cases, the phones are directly exposed to the Internet through public IP addresses.

    Solution: This article, Phones Connected to Public IP Addresses, goes into detail on how to prevent and correct this issue. It is important to get this corrected right away as it is a high security risk.