The Explanation of Charges will be getting an update in layout and charges will be separated to provide our customers with an easier to understand format. This update will apply to all Voice products (SIP-R, IS, DPS) but Intermedia Unite will see the biggest change of the Voice products.

Note: The .CSV files for the monthly statements will change format as well to correspond with the new Explanation of Charges format. This is covered at the end of the article and only applies to Intermedia Unite accounts.


DPS, IS, SIP-R, Intermedia Unite:

First, let’s review the smaller change which involves the reorganization of taxes and regulatory fees. As seen below, the layout will remain mostly unchanged but make note of the marked Recurring Service Charges and the Total Taxes and Fees:

DPS Explanation of Charges

The Regulatory Compliance Fee, Emergency Services Surcharge, and Inter-Exchange Carrier Charge will be moved to a newly added section labeled Surcharges and Other Fees as seen here in the new Explanation of Charges for a DPS account:

Subcharges and Other Fees

In the new Explanation of Charges you’ll see the Surcharges and Other Fees section which consists of two categories:

  • Government Telecommunications Service Fees: These fees are any government-related surcharge passed through to the customer. These were normally baked into the Government Taxes and Fees section but were removed and combined into this section, which is why you’ll see the Total Taxes and Fees section (marked in the first screenshot) to be lower in the new Explanation of Charges.
  • Regulatory Cost Recovery Surcharges: These are Intermedia's monthly recurring charges; such as Regulatory Compliance Fees, Emergency Services Surcharges, and Inter-Exchange Carrier Charges. These were moved from the Recurring Services Section and combined into this section.

Intermedia Unite

The Intermedia Unite product will receive the changes explained above with the new Regulatory Cost Recovery Surcharges section, along with some other Intermedia Unite-only changes. The first change to be discussed is how the Explanation of Charges’ detailed breakdown looks. This was normally broken down by each physical location and then the Users, Resources, Numbers, etc. assigned to that physical location as seen here:

Old Explanation of Charges

Instead of breaking down the charges by only the physical location, the new Explanation of Charges will be separating the charges by phone number as well within those physical locations. Each section will include the phone number and associated charges for that number, like one-time charges(porting fees, shipping fees), usage charges, monthly recurring fees, and the Surcharges and Other Fees:

New Explanation of Charges

In addition to this, you’ll notice the first box in the above screenshot (titled 150 Mathilda Pl, Site Charges) will show the physical location’s “Site Charges” which will be the total recurring service charges for any services assigned to that location without a phone number and any one-time fees (this example does not have any one-time fees) along with the Total Site Charges.

At the end of each location, will be a quick summary for that site’s charges. Here you can see charge totals for each charge type along with the quantity of different services on that site:

New Summary Section for Unite Explanation of Charges

Changes to .csv Format of Explanation of Charges

The .csv file format has changed slightly (for Intermedia Unite accounts only) to reflect the changes to the Explanation of Charges. Previously, the field labeled mrc-840 included the monthly recurring charge for the line associated line item and also included the Government Fees and Regulatory Surcharges. This will now be separated into two columns:

  • MRC-840: this field will remain but only contain the monthly recurring charge, no fees or surcharges are included.
  • Surcharge-840: this new field will display the monthly recurring government fees and regulatory surcharges.
  • GovtSurcharges-840: this new field will display the monthly government surcharges and fees.
  • Surcharges-840: this field is being renamed to Payphone-840 to prevent confusion.

New CSV Fields


Q: What if, during the billing cycle, a number that was assigned to a User is changed to Unassigned?

A: The number will be listed as Unassigned on the Explanation of Charges because that is what it was designated as at the end of the month. It will include prorated charges for being assigned to a User for the length of time it was assigned to that user.

 Q: How can I change the automated email setting for the monthly billing report

A: The explanation of charges by default goes to the email address of an account contact. You can either set an alternative email address in your HostPilot or it can be done by Support Engineer by setting an additional destination email address.

Q: What if the address that a service (i.e. User) is changed mid-cycle?

A: The Explanation of Charges will only show the current address that the number has and will list the charge detail for that address.


Q: What if a phone number is moved to another service on a different location?

A: The Explanation of Charges will show the number twice. Once under each location it was provisioned on. The charges in each section will only reflect those that pertained to that specific address, so there will not be any duplication of charge information.

Q: Where is the Intermedia Unite Tax Address location?

A: The Intermedia Unite Tax address location is in the location address for tax purposes.