Voicemail transcription will document the spoken words from a voicemail.

It should be enabled in HostPilot for each object: you check an appropriate box.

To receive notifications with the transcription on the email address, options Send notifications via email and Include voicemail transcription also should be checked.

Note: different accents or background noises are known to distort messages in unpredictable ways.

At this moment Voicemail transcription feature is available for the following objects:

  • Company voicemail (Unite > Settings > Voicemail settings)
  • Hunt group voicemail (Unite > Groups > click on Hunt group > Voicemail settings)
  • User voicemail (Users > click on User > Cloud PBX > Voicemail)
  • Voicemail Box Resource (Unite > Resources & Utilities > click on Voicemail box > Voicemail settings).

All information about voicemails can be found in the article Voicemail Types On Intermedia Unite.