Operator feature redirects calls from the voicemail to a live person.
It provides the ability to press 0 to reach phone number or extension when the call is being routed into voicemail.

At this moment Operator feature is available for the following objects:

  • Company Voicemail (Voice services > Settings > Voicemail settings > Operator number),

  • Hunt Group Voicemail ( Voice services > Groups > click on Hunt group > Voicemail settings > Operator number),

  • Voicemail Box Resource (Voice services > Resources & Utilities > click on Voicemail box > Voicemail settings > Operator number).

Before default operator feature is enabled on a voicemail box, when a caller gets routed to that voicemail box, they have only two choices:

  1. Leave a voicemail
  2. Hang up

With operator number enabled, they now have a new choice:

  1. Leave a voicemail
  2. Hang up
  3. Press 0 to be routed to an Operator

When the feature is enabled, and a caller is sent to voicemail, an additional message plays that tells them they can press 0 to reach the operator.

Note: You should contact Technical support to enable Operator feature for User voicemail.