Checking your Voicemail from HostPilotfirst

  1. Log into HostPilot and select Voice Services

  2. From your Numbers & Extensions page, click on the phone number of the Voicemail Box you want to view.

  3. Click on the More Settings link. Click to review voicemail.
  4. This will default to the Voicemail box where you can view the current messages.  You will also have access to the date and time the message was left, the caller ID, duration of the message, you can play the message, download the message to a .WAV or .AU file, or forward the message. You can also view the total storage space the current messages are taking up, and you have the ability to delete messages from this page as well.


Checking your Voicemail from your Desk Phone

Many desk phone models give you the ability to access your message center directly from either a hard key printed with an envelope or a soft key labeled Message Center.  Please view your Desk Phone's Owner's Manual for specifics.  You can view many of the Owner's Manuals for the models that we support here.  Once you access the message center, it will prompt you to enter your PIN. If you need to reset your PIN, you can do so from the Numbers & Extensions page by selecting the Change PIN link for the line you need to reset.


Checking your Voicemail Remotely

You can check your voicemail remotely by dialing the direct dial number for your phone from any phone and then entering your PIN over your Voicemail Greeting .  This will then take you to the same message center that you can access directly from your desk phone. Further details are available here