Integration with Siri allows a user to utilize voice commands to make calls to personal and corporate contacts, call phone numbers, view call lists and check Voicemail.

Enabling Siri

First and foremost, Siri has to be enabled on your iOS device.
To do that go to Settings > Siri & Search.

Enabling Siri

Choose the appropriate setting – Listen for Hey Siri or Press Home for Siri.
Please make sure to scroll down to the list of applications in Siri settings, choose Intermedia Unite app and check if Use with Siri is enabled.

List of Commands

To view the list of commands, activate Siri and say “Help”

List of Commands

How to Make a Call

You may call a person by name or by number/extension.
To dial by name, activate Siri and say “call [name of the person] on Intermedia Unite”.
To dial by number, activate Siri and say “call [number] on Intermedia Unite”.

How to View History

To view call history – latest, outgoing, received, missed calls – activate Siri and say “show [call history type] on Intermedia Unite”.

How to Check VM

To view your voicemail, activate Siri and say “show voicemails on Intermedia Unite”.