This article describes the Chat feature of a Intermedia Unite Desktop Application. Chat feature is available for the users who have Intermedia Unite services enabled and a phone number assigned.

Overview and notifications

To start a new chat, you may press Add Chat button or start typing a person's name in the Search bar.


There are two different types of chats: One-on-one for talking with a single user and Group chats for multiple users. Group Chats section covers the main differences and additional features of the Group chats.

Once you send one message to anyone, the chat with that person becomes available in your Recent chat category. Both One-on-one and Group chats would be displayed here.

Note: Before the first message will be sent, the chat wouldn’t appear for the other chat members besides the creator of the chat. He will see this chat as “Draft” and can return to it later until the app is restarted


You can see the Contact name for One-on-one chats or the Chat name for Group chats together with the most recent message in that chat.

If you have an unread message, that chat would be displayed in bold and have the additional dot indicator:


You can also see the number of chats with unread messages on the Chats icon on the navigation panel:


When the new message is received, a pop-up notification appears.


If that message is read on any User’s device where Intermedia Unite app is running, the other User’s devices will show this message as read.

Note: The chat sorting will constantly change. The system is designed to display the chats containing the most recent messages on top. Only pinned chats are not affected by this rotation and are displayed on top even if they don't contain any recent messages.

You can specify if notifications about incoming chat messages should appear. This setting can be changed on the Profile / Application settings screen.


Chat features

Here are the features that are available within Intermedia Unite chat:

  • Emoji button - for customizing your chat with your favorite smiley face icons.


  • Call button - for performing calls to the chat members through Intermedia Unite App.

    Note: This is only available in One-on-one chats.

  • Invite members button - for adding other people to the chat. This would open a completely new chat.

    Note: clicking Invite Members button during the One-on-One chat will create a new Group Chat with empty history. A pop-up window that appears after that is similar to Add New Chat window in Group Chats.

  • Favorites button - for adding your chats to the Favorites section.

    Note: this would not synchronize with the mobile application. In the Mobile app, use the Pin function instead.
  • Sent messages can have different delivery status as shown below:

Note: One-on-one chat would save and display your whole conversation history. To prevent losing critical information this history cannot be modified or removed.

Group Chats

If you create a chat with multiple people, that chat would be considered a Group chat. You can also add people to a One-on-one chat. This would create a new separate chat. History from the previous chat would not be transferred to that Group chat.

Here are the extra features available in Group chats:

  • Chat name - group chat would have an autogenerated default name. It can be changed by any chat member.
  • When you add people to a Group chat, in the Add New Chat window you may change the chat name and add/delete the members.


  • Member(s) button - for quick management of chat membership, also contains Leave Chat button.


  • People that are added into already existing Group chat would see the whole conversation history of this chat.

  • Chat members can leave the chat Group, or they can be removed by other chat members. In this case, they will lose access to chat history.
  • Every member of the Group has equal permissions. They all can modify the chat name and add or remove other chat members.
  • Call feature is not available in Group chats.

Starting a meeting with chat members

To start a Intermedia AnyMeeting with the chat members, click on the Meet Now button.


Once you send the invite, all members, including the creator of the meeting, would need to click the Join button to join the meeting. You can also call the phone number from the invitation and use the included PIN to join. The meeting would start in a new window.


Note: Intermedia AnyMeeting PIN for Presenter and for Attendee is the same.

If you wish external collaborators or people outside of your current chat to join your meeting, gather the URL from the Meeting tab and advise external collaborators to open it and follow instructions.

If you wish to prevent new members from joining, you can lock the meeting. Follow the instructions in the article Intermedia AnyMeeting: How To Manage Attendees In A Meeting.

Note: You can only have one active meeting at a time. In case you have another active meeting and you click Meet Now from chat tab, you will be asked to stop your current meeting. If other members are still in that meeting, they will receive the message Host has left the meeting, and the meeting would close.

Chat and Presence availability

Currently, the Intermedia Unite application has two versions 1.0 and 2.0. The chat functionality is not implemented to the 1.0 version, however, the users who have 1.0 installed are visible to ones who utilize the 2.0 version.

Bellow, the Intermedia Unite behavior is described:

  • Users who have Intermedia Unite Desktop 1.0 app installed and run can be displayed as “Available” when online
  • Users who have Intermedia Unite Desktop 2.0 app will see such 1.0 Users as available and may wish to start chatting
  • Important: users with Intermedia Unite Desktop1.0 app will not receive chat messages, however, they will receive e-mail notifications (if they were not online when chat message was sent to them

Note: As the users with Intermedia Unite Desktop 1.0 can’t respond to any chat messages sent to them, the users with the Intermedia Unite Desktop 2.0 installed can complain that their messages are being delivered but they never receive any responses. The best available workaround – install Unite Desktop 2.0 or use Mobile Unite apps to access chat messages

Future updates

In the upcoming updates, the following features will become available:

  • Inviting Guest/External chat members
  • Sending attachments/screenshots via chat
  • Chat message search  

KB articles for reference:

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