Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) is the ability to supply and provision your own VoIP hardware for use with Intermedia Unite voice services. BYOP has two major distinctions:

  • Enhanced BYOP
  • AnyPhone BYOP

Enhanced BYOP refers to hardware that has been fully certified to work with the Intermedia Unite network and allows the use of all features and service functionality, including Line Key provisioning from HostPilot, and makes migrating your supported VoIP devices to Intermedia Unite quick and easy. 

To see if your device is supported by Enhanced BYOP, please check our article on Supported / Unsupported Devices

Important: AnyPhone BYOP allows any SIP-enabled device to be connected to Intermedia’s network and provisioned for use.  For the best experience, Intermedia recommends using devices identified as supported under our Enhanced BYOP feature. Intermedia will make a reasonable effort to work with any SIP-enabled device within the confines of our AnyPhone BYOP feature, however, these devices have not been certified on Intermedia’s network and Intermedia makes no guarantees that all voice features will function correctly, or that the device will function at all.

Configuring activated devices

The four major business VoIP hardware providers are Polycom, NEC, Yealink, and Cisco, and Enhanced BYOP contains multiple device profiles for each manufacturer.

Use the following articles depending on the phone make and model you want to configure: