This article describes how Chat functionality works on mobile devices. It covers Android and iOS platforms.


Chat List screen

The Chat list screen is the best place to check active chats and initiate new chats (both one-on-one and group ones).

The conversations listed here display the last message posted. 

Android iOS
LastPostedMessage LastPostedMessageiOS

They also display the chat name (for group chats) or contact name (for one-on-one chats), and the number of unread messages.

Note: The chat sorting will constantly change. The system is designed to display the chats containing the most recent messages on top. Only pinned chats are not affected by this rotation and are displayed on top even if they don't contain any recent messages.

Chat screen

Note: if someone is composing a new message, you will be able to see the *username* is typing message on the chat's screen (works for both group and one-on-one chats).

One-on-one chat

One-on-one chat provides you with the following functionality:

  • Sending new messages

          Note: currently system won't allow sending multimedia messages (pictures/voice messages/etc)

  • Checking the messaging history
  • Initiating a new group chat by adding participants to a conversation
  • Reviewing contact information
  • Pinning a chat
  • Muting a chat

Group chat

Group chat provides you with the following functionality:

  • Sending new messages

           Note: currently system won't allow sending multimedia messages (pictures/voice messages/etc)

Initiating a new chat

Chat can only be started with a person who has Intermedia Unite services enabled. It is not possible to chat with external users.

Initiating a one-on-one chat

There are two ways to initiate a new one-on-one chat.

To start a new chat, you may tap the Chat button on the Contacts screen.

Note: if you are unable to see the Chat button nearby the contact, this indicates that the user doesn't have the Intermedia Unite services enabled or is an external contact.

Android iOS
Conduct a chat from contacts screen Conduct a chat from contacts screen

A chat can also be started by navigating to Chats screen and tapping Add Chat button.

Once you tap the Add Chat, select the person with whom you would like to chat and then tap Done.

Android iOS
ContactsScreen ContactsScreeniOS
NewChatCreation NewChatCreationiOS

Initiating a group chat

Important: once you invite the person to a group chat, they will be able to see the whole group chat message history. If the participant is removed, the chat history will be wiped from all of the user's devices. Every User can rename and add/remove members – all chat members have equal (owner) permissions.

There are two options to start a new group chat.

Note: Participants will be able to see a new chat only after the first message is posted. Also, if the chat name hasn't been specified during the creation, the system will automatically assign a generic one. However, the name can be changed to a manually defined name later on.

Creating a new chat from the Chats screen

To start a new group chat, you may tap the Add Chat button on the Chats screen. Then, the application will ask you to select multiple contacts who should participate in the group chat. After the participants are selected, tap Done, enter the chat name and confirm the creation.

Android iOS
NewGroupChat NewGroupChatiOS
AddParticipantsA AddParticipantsiOS
Confirmation Confirmation

Creating a new chat by adding participants to an existing one-on-one conversation

To invite new participants, you could tap Options while in an active conversation and select Add Participants

Important: existing one-on-one chat history will not be visible in the newly created group chat.

Android iOS
MoreOptions MoreOptionsiOS
AddParticipants AddParticipants
ParticipansSelectionA ParticipantsSelectioniOS

Managing Existing group chat

It is possible to have a chat name and the list of participants changed after the group chat has been created. 

Note: if you clear the manually-defined name and will not enter a new one, the system will automatically assign a generic name to it.

To manage an existing group chat, tap Options > Manage

Android iOS

Manage chat name


Manage chat name


Manage chat participants list


Manage chat participants list

Pin to top

Chats can be pinned; they will be displayed on the top of the chat list. 

Note: Pin preferences are not synchronized between user's devices and are unique for each device. Also, unlike the desktop application, the mobile application won't display the chats you have with the contacts from the favorites list at the top of your screen.

The chat can be pinned:

Chats screen

Android iOS
Tap and hold the conversation you would like to be pinned and then press the Pin action at the top right corner of the screen. Swipe the chat to the left and tap the Pin action.
PiningChatScreenA PiningChatScreeniOS


Tap Options > Pin

Android iOS
PiningConversation PinningConversationiOS

Muting a chat

Mute functionality allows you to disable receiving notifications for the specified chats. This setting won't be synchronized between devices and is unique for each. It is possible to mute conversations. Both from the Chats screen and from the conversations themselves.

Chats screen

Android iOS
Tap and hold the conversation you would like to be muted and then press the Mute action at the top right corner of the screen. Swipe the chat to the left and tap the Mute action.
MutingChatsScreenA MutingChatsScreeniOS


Tap Options > Mute

Android iOS
MuteFromConversartion MuteFromConversationiOS

Chat history

  • Full chat history is retained indefinitely allowing users to access past conversations. All chat members have access to full chat history;
  • Chat history is synced across all devices;
  • The messages are encrypted when transferred and at rest;
  • At this point, the chat history can't be cleared to prevent losing critical information.


Delivery status indication

Delivery status indication notifies when a message is delivered to a collaborator.

Note: Single check mark indicates that a message has been delivered to a server. The double check mark indicates that a user has read a message (for the group chat, it indicates that at least one member of the chat has read the message).

Important: a user will receive an email with the missed messages (while offline) if they are not online for 5 minutes after the message has been sent.

Android iOS
DeliveryStatus DeliveryStatusiOS

Push notifications

Once a message is received by a user, a push notification appears. The push notification will be followed by vibration and sound.

The application behavior on Android can be adjusted in the app settings. 

My Account > Settings > General - enabling/disabling push notifications for incoming calls.

My Account > Chat - enabling/disabling push notifications for chats.

Important: iOS application only allows to use the system settings.


The counters are designed to:

  • count non-read messages in each chat on the Chat List screen;
  • count how many chats have non-read messages on the Chats icon in the main menu;

Note: if a user with several mobile devices reads a chat on one of them, this chat will be considered read on all the devices.

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