This article describes how to disable the ringing on any and all of our compatible phones with active BLF monitored lines. This way the end user doesn’t have to hear the BLF’s audible ring but only the visual indication of the BLF monitored line being active.

Compatible Phones:

Polycom models

Yealink models

Important Note: Please make sure and verify with the end user that they are only wanting a visual notification on the BLF monitored line. As these steps below will disable the audible ring for any BLF monitored lines. This way the end user will only be audibily alerted to calls coming directly to their phone/ext.


  1. Polycom models: This model's latest Firmware update made it so this can only be done on the phone menu itself. Not in the web GUI.
    1. Menu > Settings > Basic > Ring Type > Attended Calls > Select Silent Ring.
  2. Yealink models: This make/model allows us to change this setting in the web GUI.
    1. Features > Call Pickup > Disable Audio Alert for BLF Pickup.

Important Note: Cisco model phones are not compatible with disabling BLF at this time.