Call Controller mode

This mode allows controlling your desk phone remotely. In the Call Controller mode, all calls are handled with the use of actual phone device.
To choose the Call Controller device, navigate to Settings > Application Settings > select Call Controller Device from the drop-down list > Save & Restart.

Managing calls in the Call Controller mode:

  • Start a new call via Desktop App > your phone device will ring > pick up your phone device > call will be sent to recipient. 
  • To answer an incoming call, pick up the handset on the phone device. Desktop App allows to reject call or to send an incoming call to the voicemail.

Call Controller new

If your interface differs from the one above, you are using the previous app version. Read the article on How To Upgrade App for more information.

Softphone mode

This mode allows making and receiving calls by using only the Desktop app.

To choose the Softphone mode, navigate to Settings > Application Settings > Select Softphone mode from the drop-down list > Save & Restart.

Softphone mode allows you to send DTMF tones from the application. Under the Call Controller mode, DTMF tones can be sent through the desk phone.  

Softphone new

This can later be changed by navigating to Settings > Application Settings (this will require the application restart).

Intermedia Unite Desktop Application allows you to initiate a call using your desk phone or PC:

  1. Click the phone button near the contact under or use keypad

  2. Pick up the handset or press the speaker button to start a call

Note: Emergency Calls cannot be dialed from Intermedia Unite Desktop App in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.