Call History shows the lists of All calls and Missed calls for all devices associated with your account. Missed calls are displayed in red.
Note: on iOS you can switch between All and Missed calls by clicking on the buttons associated with type of the calls on the top of the screen.

iOS Android

You may want to see more detailed information about a specific call. Simply hit the i-sign right next to the call.

  • For a number that is listed in your contact directory, besides information of the call there are 3 available options:
    • Send text message
    • Call to the person
    • Add to favorites
  • For unknown numbers there are 2 available options:
    • Create new contact
      Note: If you create a contact as shown below, it will not be synchronized with your Intermedia Unite Desktop application. The contact will be stored in the phone contact directory only.
    • Create new conference bridge

Note: Call history also can display information about parked and transferred calls.