This article describes the Intermedia Unite group chat functionality.

 Chat functionality is available in the new app version only. If your interface differs from the one below, you are using a previous app version. Read the article on How To Upgrade App for more information. 



How to create a group chat

There are two ways to create a new group chat:

Start a new chat

When you add people to a Group chat, in the Add New Chat window you may change the chat name and add/delete the members.


Add members to an existing chat

When you add people to an existing one-on-one chat it automatically creates a separate group chat.


Managing Group Chats

Important: every member of the Group has equal permissions. They all can modify the chat name and add or remove other chat members. Also, when the person left the group chat or was kicked from it, they will lose the access to chat history.

Here are the extra features available in Group chats:

  • Chat name - group chat would have an autogenerated default name. It can be changed by any chat member.
  • It is possible to add a group chat to Favorites.
  • Member(s) button 
    • Chat members can leave the chat Group
    • Chat members can be removed by other chat members. Every participant is able to remove members from chat. 


    • Every participant is able to add members to chat.
        • Note people that are added into already existing Group chat would see the whole conversation history of this chat.


  • Members of a group chat can start an online meeting within the group chat (audio/video conference, screen sharing) using the Meeting button and then dialing in the meeting number. More information on how meeting functionality works can be found here.

Searching for group chats

Search functionality is split between the Contact Search and Group chat search.
To search for group chat, use the Search Bar in the Chat section of the application, then choose the Groups tab to run the search through all your group chats.

Group search