This article describes the Chat feature of a Intermedia Unite Desktop Application


There are two different types of chats: One-on-one for a conversation with a single user and Group chats for multiple users. Group Chats article covers the main differences and additional features of the Group chats.

Starting a chat

In the first run, the Recent chats list is empty: once a chat is initiated it will be added to the Roster. To start a new chat, you may press the Add Chat button or start typing a person's name in the Search bar. By default, the name of the chat will consist of its participants. You can change the name of the chat when creating it or change it afterward by clicking the pencil icon near the chat's name. Any participant can rename a chat.



Before the first message is sent, the chat wouldn’t appear for the other chat members besides the creator of the chat. He will see this chat as Draft and can return to it later until the app is restarted


Once you send one message to anyone, this chat, both One-on-one and Group, becomes available in your Recent chat category. You can see the Contact name for One-on-one chats or the Chat name for Group chats together with the most recent message in that chat.

Chat sorting will constantly change: the system is designed to display the chats containing the most recent messages on top. Only Favorited conversations are not affected by this rotation and are displayed on top even if they don't contain any recent messages.

Managing messages

If you have an unread message, that chat would be displayed in bold and have the Number of unread messages indicator:


If that chat is favorited and Favorites pane is minimized, it will have a blue outline with
Number of unread messages indicator:


If the favorited chat is muted, it will show the Mute indicator:


You can also see the number of chats with unread messages on the Chats icon on the navigation panel:


When the new message is received, a pop-up notification appears.


If that message is read on any User’s device where the Intermedia Unite app is running, the other User’s devices will show this message as read.

Sent messages can have different delivery status as shown below:

Note: one-on-one chat would save and display your whole conversation history. To prevent losing critical information this history cannot be modified or removed.


You can choose if you wish to receive notifications about incoming calls and messages. This could be managed under Profile > Application settings. Here you can find separate settings for visual and audio notifications:

  • Enable audio incoming call notifications.
  • Enable visual incoming call notifications.
  • Enable audio incoming chat notifications.
  • Enable visual incoming chat notifications.
  • Enable audio incoming voicemail notifications.
  • Enable visual incoming voicemail notifications.



Here are the features that are available within Intermedia Unite chat:

  • Reply: You can respond to some particular messages in a chat via hovering over any text message, attachment or GIF. The Reply button will appear next to the message allowing to click on it and add text/attachment to the response message.


  • Emoji: customize your chat with your favorite smiley face icons. You can also choose skin tone and search for emojis. Read the Knowledge Base article on Emoji Conversion For Intermedia Unite for more information.


  • GIF: send GIFs to show your mood, joke, ideas in motion. Find more information here.


  • Call (only for One-on-one chats): place call to the chat partner through Intermedia Unite App.


  • Invite members: add members to the chat. This would open a completely new Group chat with empty history.

    Select Invite members from the drop-down menu.

  • Search: use this feature to find messages in any chat.

    Select Search from the drop-down menu. For more information on this feature, please refer to this article.
  • Favorites: add your chats to the Favorites section. In chats roster or in chat window click on star icon near user avatar to make contact Favorited.

    Favorited contacts and chat names will be displayed on top of the chats list. You can switch to the minimized version of the Favorites pane and back by clicking the arrowhead button on the right from the Favorites section name. 
    Note: in the Mobile app, Favorited contacts will be listed on the top under Contacts list when Chat list will display recent messages on top instead. In the Mobile app, use the Pin function to prioritize conversations. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Desktop App: Contacts for more information.
  • Mention: You can draw a person's attention to a particular group chat by mentioning their name. To do that, click the @ symbol icon below the "Type a message..." box and select a person you would like to mention. Alternatively, you can type in "@" symbol and a list of group chat members will pop up. After you select a person to mention, their name will appear in blue in the message box. You can continue typing your message after that.

    A person who's name was mentioned will see a notification about it in the contacts and chats pane as a blue "@" symbol near a chat name. Also, they will see their name highlighted in blue in the chat. The notification will appear even if a person who was mentioned has muted the chat. 
  • Spellcheck: in the Desktop app, auto-enabled spellcheck feature highlights misspelled words in the chat message box and provides potential corrections from a predefined dictionary according to the app language that you set in the App Settings. Custom dictionary is not supported yet.
    spellcheckNote: spellcheck is not supported on Windows 7.
  • Mute: you can mute any chat by navigating to ••• button at the top right and selecting Mute
    To unmute - simply select Unmute in the same dropdown
  • The muted chats will have a Muted icon next to them:
    The mute feature stops incoming notifications on the specified chat This setting will be synchronized between all User's devices.