This article describes the advantages of Intermedia Unite Desktop app 2.X.X version and steps to update your application. It is highly recommended to run the latest and greatest desktop app version, as each new version includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and new exciting features.

Upgrading Desktop app version from 1.X.X to 2.X.X

Desktop app version 2.X.X includes the following benefits over 1.X.X:

  • integrated One-on-One and group chat
  • improved Intermedia AnyMeeting integration
  • new SecuriSync integration
  • improved user experience
  • new platform on top of which all future features will be built on

Since chat requires all users to have access to it to be truly effective, it is highly recommended to drive users to upgrade from 1.X.X  to 2.X.X version at the same time. Read the Knowledge Base article on Mass Client Deployment for Intermedia Unite Desktop App for more information.

Steps to upgrade Desktop app from 1.X.X to 2.X.X

  1. Open Desktop App. You will see Exclamation point above the Settings button if the application requires an update.
  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click Update.

  4. You may need to re-Login to the app after an update has been installed.
  5. Click on your profile picture and check settings under Application settings and Audio settings.
    Note: application settings are not passed from version 1.X.X to 2.X.X and will be set to default values.

Updating Desktop app version 2.X.X

  1. Open Desktop App. 
  2. Click on your profile picture > Updates > click Update.


Note: Intermedia will occasionally push down mandatory updates which will typically include critical improvements to the app:

  • Mandatory updates can’t be canceled or stopped, the app just can’t run stable without them.
  • Downloading flow will start automatically in a background, a user will see red dot indication on My Account icon and downloading progress bar on My Acccount page. Downloading of Mandatory update cannot be interrupted.
  • A user will be prompted to restart the app when downloading is ready.
  • Incoming calls can be accepted when the app is in Mandatory updating state, but we’ll return to Mandatory update state when the call is finished.
  • If the app was installed under the Admin privileges, the user would need to enter Admin credentials to proceed with update