This article describes how to check for updates on Intermedia Unite desktop application and download new versions once they are released.

Updating Desktop app

  1. Open Desktop App. 
  2. Click on your profile picture. Below, you can see the current application version. It will check automatically for updates.
  3. Click Update.

  • Downloading flow will start automatically in background, a user will see red dot indication on My Account icon and downloading progress bar on My Account page. 
  • A user will be prompted to restart the app when downloading is ready.
  • If the app was installed under the Admin privileges, the user would need to enter Admin credentials to proceed with update

Note: once the new version is released the application should prompt the user to download the update. If the prompt was closed/ignored, user can always check and download updates using the procedure described above.

Possible Issues when Updating/Installation Desktop app




Application asks for Admin credentials to install an update


User clicks on Update button, app restarts but the previous version remains.

Application was installed by an Admin for all users on the machine. As a result, it couldn't be updated by User without admin rights.

For Windows:

Run updates by admin remotely


Reinstall the app under user only, not for 'All users'

For MAC:

  1. Find where Intermedia Unite app located (normally app should be located in /Applications). Then open terminal for that location and run ls -lf | grep Unite  

  2. Check ~/Library/Caches/  ls -la 

  3. Changed permission for files, which belongs to root, to current user: sudo chown [username] [file]

User logs into Intermedia Unite desktop application and sees no chat history, just list of recent messages without history.

Admin disabled PBX for this user and enabled it back.

There is no way to retrieve the previous chat history.

End-user installs app on Mac. After several minutes of working app stops working and closes.

User has 1.0 app version installed under admin and simultaneously installs 2.0 version to another folder under user session. Updates face a conflict of these sessions.

Check if there are different instances of the app on the same machine installed with different permissions. Remove all except the latest one installed with user permissions.


If it didn't help, uninstall all versions and install the latest version of the application.

I can't uninstall Intermedia Unite. It asks for .NET 4.6.1 to be installed.

We added integration with Outlook that uses .NET version 4.6.1. This problem most likely to happen on Windows 7 since other OSs have those libraries installed by default

Install .NET 4.6.1. or later version here and then remove Intermedia Unite.

I had auto dial-in/receptionist/integrations enabled, but after the update I lost all the settings.

The issue is with local storage that flushed during the update due to unexpected error. 

This problem was fixed. If you have this issue, please, call Support and report which settings were removed.