This article provides an overview of contacts management features in Intermedia Unite mobile application.

Contacts tab allows you to:

Review Contacts list

Intermedia Unite Mobile App provides the following types of contacts: 

  • Business (Shared Company Contacts)
  • Personal
  • Conference Bridges
    You might add information about your Conference Bridge and it will be stored in the app as a special type of contact.
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ContactsAndr contactsIos
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Tap Conference bridges at the top of the screen. Tap Intermedia Unite logo at the top of the screen and then tap Conference Bridges option.
Conference bridges Andr Conference Bridges iOS

Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Apps: Contacts for more details on Contacts.

To review Contact details, tap on the string with contact information.

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ContactInfoAndr ContactInfoIos

Note: if a contact has several numbers you may want to default one of them by tapping Set Primary selection on the contact information tab.

Create Personal contact

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Add contact Add Contact iOS

Contacts created in Intermedia Unite app on your mobile device will be automatically synchronized to all your Intermedia Unite apps. Refer to the Knowledge Base article Intermedia Unite Apps: Managing Personal Contacts for more information.

Note: contacts that already exist on your mobile device in native Address Book or in other apps, such as Microsoft 365, Google, Outlook, etc, could be syncronized to all your Intermedia Unite applications. Read the Knowledge Base article on Sync Contacts to Intermedia Unite from Outlook, Microsoft 365, iCloud and Google contacts for more information.

Add Contacts to favorites

Contacts added to Favorites will be displayed on top of the contact list on the Contacts tab.

Note: once One-on-One Chat is marked as Favorite in Desktop app, user with whom you have that conversation will be displayed as Favorited on Contacts tab in Mobile application. At the same time, One-on-One Chat itself and Channels marked as Favorite in Desktop app will not be prioritized on Chats tab in Mobile application. 

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FavoritesAndr FavoritesiOS

Add Conference bridge

You will need to enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Conference code
  • Host ID
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NewConfAndr NewConfIos
ConfInfo ConfInfoIos

Communicate with a Contact

Tap handset icon to initiate a call to the Contact.

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CallAdndr CallIos

Intermedia Unite chat could be started with Business Contacts who have Unite activated.

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ChatAndr ChatIos

With all other Contacts types, who have at least one phone number added, you could initiate SMS conversation within Intermedia Unite app. Read Intermedia Unite: SMS Feature Overview article for more information.

Search Contacts

Contact could be looked for using the various criteria: name, phone number, e-mail, department, office, etc.

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SearchtAndr SearchtIos