This Knowledge Base article is to establish a workaround for Sequential Auto Attendant ringing through a Hunt Group with Intermedia Unite. This will make the Auto Attendant's receptionsist group forward the calls to the huntgroup for sequential ringing then timeout to the Auto Attendant greeting to navigate the call further.                 


  1. Create a Sequential Hunt Group.
  2. Assign a number to this Hunt Group.
    1. Since this number is not published the number can be random.
  3. Set the Hunt Group Timeout to the Auto Attendant.
    1. This will let the call ring the Hunt Group phones then timeout to the Auto Attendant greeting to nagivate the call further.
  4. Once you have the main or published number assigned as the primary number for the Auto Attendant. Add the Sequential Hunt Groups primary number to the receptionist routing.
    1. This is what forwards the call to the hunt group for Sequential Ringing in a Receptionist Group. The agents' phones will be ringing in the order it is set up in the hunt group, from top to bottom.

Note: newly created Hunt Group is considered an agent of a Receptionist Group. The lowest timeout value in one of them will determine how the call behaves. For example, if the Hunt Group has the lower timeout, the call will go through its setting if not picked up by an agent and will be considered as "picked up" by the Receptionist Group.