Find me follow me feature allows to forward calls to one or several numbers in order or simultaneously if the call wasn't picked up in Intermedia Unite. The call will ring your extension, then phone numbers you've set and at the end will be routed to your Voicemail.

To check your current Find me follow me configuration navigate to My Account (your profile picture) > Find me follow me.



  • My incoming calls route to My extension: here you can manage the amount of time your extension will ring prior the call to be transferred to other numbers
  • Forward to my phone: any number could be set
  • Forward to another contact: may be a contact, hunt group or Auto Attendant

Note: incoming calls could be received on up to three phones and can be forwarded to another contact.

add numbers


Once numbers are set you can edit them, add a new number, or remove:

  • Hit pencil icon or any number to edit the configuration
  • Hit Phones ring to change the ringing mode:
    Simultaneously: all phones will ring at the same time for as many seconds as you set under Phones ring for
    Sequentially: phones will ring in the order you've set, for the amount of time defined especially for each phone. In order to change ringing order use slider icon. 




  • to save any changes hit the checkmark
  • contact number will always be on the last place in the ringing order