Delivery status indication

Delivery status indication notifies when a message is delivered to a collaborator.

Note: Single checkmark indicates that a message has been delivered to a server. The double checkmark indicates that a user has read the message (for a channel, it indicates that at least one member of the chat has read the message).

Important: the user will receive an email with the missed messages (while offline) if they are not online for 5 minutes after the message has been sent.

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DeliveryStatus Android DeliveryStatus iOS

Push notifications

Once the message is received by the user, the push notification appears. The push notification can be followed by vibration and sound depends on the user's settings.

Note: the application behavior on an Android can be adjusted in the app settings.

To enable/disable push notifications for incoming calls, log in to Intermedia Unite Mobile App, and navigate to My Account > Settings > General.

To enable/disable push notifications for chats, log in to Intermedia Unite Mobile App, and navigate to My Account > Chat.

Important: iOS application only allows to use the system settings.


The counters are designed to:

  • count non-read messages in each chat on the Chat List screen;
  • count how many chats have non-read messages on the Chats icon in the main menu.
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Counters Android Counters iOS

Note: if the user with several mobile devices reads the chat on one of them, this chat will be considered read on all of the devices.