As a user, you can modify various settings for the Mobile Application and for your account under the My account tab in the Intermedia Unite Mobile Application.

To access the My Account tab, tap your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen.



  • Change your Presence status
  • Change your Mood message
  • Check and manage your phone numbers
  • Set one of them as the Primary number
  • Check your profile information, such as your position, department, etc.
  • Update profile picture

Intermedia applications

  • You can access Intermedia AnyMeeting and SecuriSync mobile applications from this page


  • Choose if you wish to use mobile data when Wi-Fi is not available
  • Change push notifications settings
  • Enable logging for troubleshooting
  • Enable TLS
  • Switch to carrier
    Note: this option allows you to transfer any active call to your GSM phone number if the network conditions are not good enough or for other reasons. Read the Knowledge Base article on Options During An Active Call for more information.
  • Enable native calls (Android late versions only)
    Note: if native calls are enabled, Android system will manage calls instead of Intermedia Unite Mobile app. Please only enable this option if Support has recommended you to do so.
  • On Android devices, there is an option to modify the ringing time and the ringtone and enable/disable vibration.
    Important: on iOS users can change this configuration in iOS system settings.

Find Me Follow Me Forwarding

  • Forward calls to external numbers if the call wasn't picked up in Intermedia Unite
  • Choose the order in which phones will be ringing: Sequentially or Simultaneously
  • Add the number(s) to ring. You can add them manually using the Add my phone button, or you can choose from the Contacts list by clicking Forward to another contact button. It may be a contact, a hunt group or an Auto Attendant
  • The article Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Find Me Follow Me Forwarding provides additional details on this feature.


  • Change a greeting or record a custom greeting
  • Reset the Voicemail PIN
  • Enable Voicemail transcriptions
  • Set Voicemail Notifications
  • The article Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Voicemail Settings provides additional details on this feature.


  • Change notifications for channels and individual chats

Sync Contacts to Intermedia Unite

  • Contact Sync allows you to make all contacts accessible from this phone (e.g. Microsoft 365, Outlook, G-Suite, iCloud) also available on other mobile and desktop devices running Intermedia Unite
  • A device on which Contact Sync is enabled becomes a Primary device - exclusive source for from mobile
  • The article Sync Contacts From Different Mobile Applications provides additional details on this feature.

Silent mode

Mobile Assistant

  • Review and manage existing Mobile Assistant rules
  • Enable/Disable notifications
  • Enable/Disable Mobile Assistant
  • The article Intermedia Unite Mobile assistant provides additional details on this feature.

Send Feedback

  • Opens the default mail client to send us your feedback
    Note: on Android devices if the logging has been enabled, the app will suggest different options how the user would like to send feedback (i.e. not only mail apps are available).


  • Shows the application version and other information about Intermedia Unite Mobile Application


  • Logs you out of the application