This article describes how Chat functionality works on mobile devices. 

The Chat list screen is the best place to check active chats and initiate new chats. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Manage Chats for more information.

The conversations listed here display the last message posted. 

Android iOS
LastPostedMessage LastPostedMessageiOS

They also display the chat name (for channels) or contact name (for one-on-one chats), and the number of unread messages. 


  • the chat sorting will constantly change. The system is designed to display the chats containing the most recent messages on top. Only pinned chats are not affected by this rotation and are displayed on top even if they don't contain any recent messages. 
  • if someone is composing a new message, you will be able to see the *username* is typing message on the chat's screen (works for both one-on-one chats and channels).

Chat provides you with the following functionality:

  • Sending new messages
  • Checking the messaging history
  • Starting a new channel
  • Reviewing contact information
  • Pinning a chat
  • Muting a chat

For more information about chat management read the Knowledge Base article Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Manage Chats. For information about counters and notifications check Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Chat Notifications.