Presence feature within Intermedia Unite helps to indicate which of co-workers are available for collaboration and communication.

Your presence status is displayed near the Settings (gear icon). 


Depending on the type, presence statuses could be changed manually or automatically:

available Available Automatically or Manually:  This status indicates that a user is available to chat or talk on the phone
away Away Automatically: when a user locks their computer or we detect no activity on the desktop for 3 min
busy Busy Manually: when a user wants to indicate to others that they are busy and may not respond right away
offline Offline

Automatically: when a user’s desktop goes offline

on call On Call/In a meeting

Automatically: when a user is on a call or is in a Intermedia AnyMeeting

ScreenShare Performing Screen Share Automatically: when a user is performing a screen share in the Intermedia AnyMeeting

Note: Performing Screen Share status will disable call and chat notifications. Also, all of the away-type statuses will show since when the person is unavailable in a format Away since. If the person is away since yesterday, it will show the date. If the date is the same, then it will show the time. On the mobile version, it will display either am/pm or 24 hours format as it is set on the device itself. 

Users can manually toggle their presence: 

  • On iOS:
  1. Navigate to My Account (gear icon) 
  2. Click on Status to change presence status


  • On Android:
  1. Navigate to Settings (gear icon) 
  2. Click on Information icon
  3. Tap Status to change presence status