Presence feature within Intermedia Unite helps to indicate which of co-workers are available for collaboration and communication.

Your presence status is displayed near the Settings (gear icon). 


Depending on the type, presence statuses could be changed manually or automatically:

available Available Automatically or Manually:  This status indicates that a user is available to chat or talk on the phone
away Away Automatically: when a user locks their computer or we detect no activity on the desktop for 3 min
busy Busy Manually: when a user wants to indicate to others that they are busy and may not respond right away
offline Offline

Automatically: when a user’s desktop goes offline

on call On Call/In a meeting

Automatically: when a user is on a call or is in a Intermedia AnyMeeting

ScreenShare Performing Screen Share Automatically: when a user is performing a screen share in the Intermedia AnyMeeting

Note: Performing Screen Share status will disable call and chat notifications.

Users can manually toggle their presence: 

  • On iOS:
  1. Navigate to My Account (gear icon) 
  2. Click on Status to change presence status


  • On Android:
  1. Navigate to Settings (gear icon) 
  2. Click on Information icon
  3. Tap Status to change presence status