Your Caller ID is the number that people who are external to your organization will see when you call them. You can choose whether to display any other user’s phone number, the company’s Auto Attendant phone number or any other number as your Outbound caller ID number. You can also Block outbound caller ID, if you do this, your call will be displayed as anonymous. 

Note: Do not confuse Caller ID with Caller ID Name Display (CNAM). Caller ID is always a number, and CNAM is usually a short text. To change CNAM of a number, contact Support.

Caller ID doesn't show up when you make an internal call. Your username and extension will show up instead.

To change your Caller ID follow the steps below:

  1. Log into HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and click Intermedia Unite;
  2. Click Users tab on the left;
  3. Select a user by clicking their name;
  4. Click Caller ID;
  5. From the drop-down list select from the following:
    • Set the 10 digit DID
    • Select the drop-down and select the Caller ID to the Auto Attendant or any other phone number ID the customer has on their account.
    • Block outbound Caller ID
  6. Click Save changes.

Changes made to the Caller ID are implemented immediately.

Note: when an inbound call gets forwarded to a cell phone the caller ID will reflect the actual caller's number and not your business Caller ID set in the admin portal. Once the call is off our network it will reflect the Caller ID of that callers 10 digit DND.