This article applies only for POP/IMAP mailboxes. For Exchange mailboxes, refer to this article How Do I Send Emails From My Alias?

  • Outlook Desktop client
  • iOS devices

Outlook Desktop client

iOS Devices

Note: only iOS devices support sending as an alias from POP/IMAP mailboxes.

This article describes how to use Send As An Alias feature on a mobile device.

  • Navigate to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > select your POP/IMAP account.

  • Tap on account name.

  • Tap on Email.

  • Tap on Add Another Email.

  • Type the alias you want to use. Then tap the Return key on your keyboard.

  • Now alias is listed under Email addresses section below primary email address. Tap Account to save changes and go back.

  • Tap Done.

  • When composing an email, tap the CC/BCC, From field > tap From field again > switch to an alias by swiping up or down.