On May 18, 2020 we have updated how the Virtual Assistant joins your meetings. It will no longer join automatically. For privacy, only the Host may initiate the Virtual Assistant as shown below.

Note: Virtual Assistant is a Pro and ProPlus only feature and is not available for Webinars.

The Virtual Assistant helps to capture your meeting audio and transcribe it for you in case you forgot to take notes. You (the Host) will receive your meeting transcription overview by email with a link to review your complete transcript and Insights.

To initiate the Virtual Assistant, click the icon in the top navigation bar:

Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant will join as an attendee.

Click on the Virtual Assistant on the Attendee list, here you may remove the Virtual Assistant from your meeting.

Remove VA

To check more information about the Virtual Assistant, click About Me to open the Settings menu for the Virtual Assistant.

About Me

As shown above, there are some tips to maximizing the ability of the Virtual Assistant:

  1. To help it produce great notes and task summaries, you can say things like: I will set up a meeting with John for tomorrow afternoon or Let me publish the testing reports by end of today and so on.
  2. For the best results, speak clearly with informative sentences, like you'd talk to Alexa or Siri. You may also access the Virtual Assistant in your Settings Menu:

After your meeting has ended, the Host will be sent a Meeting Summary email with a link to review important take ways from your meeting:

Meeting Summary

Frequently asked questions

Q: I accidentally deleted my transcription email – how can I see my transcription?

A: Navigate to the meeting you held and click the meeting title. There you will see your meeting Report.  Your transcription report is available here.


Q: Will the meeting be transcribed if the Virtual Assistant is not listed in the attendee list?

A: No. If you removed the Virtual Assistant, it will not transcribe your meeting.